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The Adventures of Dave the Direman

Latest Comic: February 19
Laser Kitty Mew Mew

Anyone who's played pen and paper or video role playing games knows what a +2 helm or dire wolf is. Well, Dave is a "dire +5 MAN". Join him and his friends every Monday and Friday as they tackle gaming, pop culture, and the existential pitfalls of life. The incisive wit and unparalleled genius of David Yun's blogs are also featured here.

Squishy Comics

Latest Comic:

Follow the semi-autobiographical almost entirely non-fictional account of several former high school friends as they live out their dreams of creating a comic strip about themselves making a comic strip. If art is a mirror, Squishy Comics is a comedic Mobius strip. Or an avant-garde performance piece involving destroying hideously expensive electronics by pointing a video camera permanently into a high definition monitor. New strips are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Latest Comic:

A slice of life, from a very strange pie: on the world of Everwas, where the population could have walked right out of an RPG bestiary, a group of gamer girls struggle through the trials of life. They are beset by the tribulations of hanging out, enjoying geek-related activities, and falling in love. For those of you who aren't philosophically inclined to examine life's struggles, Everwas also contains foul language, big boobs, and lesbians.

Infinity: Revolutions

Latest Comic:

The beginning is the end is the beginning.

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