For Content Contributors

If you are an artist, writer, podcaster, etc. interested in developing content to be published by Direman Press, contact me at contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com.

Direman Press is committed to respecting creators’ rights, and is a web portal designed to generate and retain internet traffic across the various content streams, earning ad revenue for everyone involved. Instead of struggling in isolation and anonymity, Direman Press provides a singular place for artists and writers to aggregate, producing significantly higher volumes of web traffic than would be possible in disassociation.

Direman Press will assist you in the development and marketing of your content, and spearhead the effort to publish tangible products, from books to apparel to other merchandised goods.

I'm currently recruiting the following talent:

* Web Cartoonists
* Short Story Writers - with the ultimate goal of publishing print anthologies
* Artists - capable of producing engaging, interesting desktop wallpapers
* Columnists/Bloggers/Podcasters - articulate, passionate and well versed in their chosen topic

If you're interested in working directly with me in the creation of my own intellectual properties, I'm potentially interested in:

* Artists - to produce illustrations for a pen and paper role playing game, produce designs for a video game, and to produce artwork for full length print comic books
* Programmers - who love video games, and want to make them

If you are interested in any of the above, or have another concept to create any other form of web content compatible with this publishing model, contact me.

If you enjoy the website, please make a donation to support Direman Press. If you specify a particular creator(s), the funds will be directed to them. Otherwise, your donation will be distributed among all our artists and writers.

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