Wes Janson

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Wes Janson (v1.0 W10)

After you perform an attack, you may remove 1 focus, evade, or blue target lock token from the defender.

Wes Janson is unique. He's the Rebel with the Scummy ability to deny tokens. You want him firing first to set up whatever you're doing with whichever ship you also bring that isn't Biggs.

Dan Hars - Rank A

(32) Wes Janson: Veteran Instincts, R3-A2, Integrated Astromech
(42) Corran Horn: Veteran Instincts, R2-D2, Fire-Control System
(26) Biggs Darklighter: R4-D6, Integrated Astromech

Dan made Top 4 at 2016 North American Championship and won multiple Regionals with this squad. Stress and token control at PS 10 sets up minimalist Corran for success, who serves as a solid endgame finisher after the squishy X-Wings soak up the early shots.

Five Double-Modded Dice Mk. II (99) - Rank B

(32) Wes Janson: Cool Hand, R3-A2, Integrated Astromech
(41) Miranda: Extra Munitions, Homing Missiles, Autoblaster Turret, C-3PO, Long-Range Scanners
(26) Biggs Darklighter: R4-D6, Integrated Astromech

LRS telegraphs Miranda's target, but you should have time to switch on the approach if your initial choice turns tail. Wes clears a defensive token, and Miranda burns a shield for a focus-locked average of 4.7 hits. Veteran Instincts is still handy (particularly against Whisper), but not as vital for Miranda as with PS 10 Corran. I like both ships moving at PS 8 and Cool Hand's ability to keep Wes around another turn.

Five Double-Modded Dice - Rank F(unsies)

(34) Wes Janson: Draw Their Fire, R2-D2, Integrated Astromech
(40) Keyan Farlander: Opportunist, Heavy Laser Cannon
(26) Biggs Darklighter: R4-D6, Integrated Astromech

Wes also clears the way for Opportunist. Keyan target locks, rolls the extra die, and uses the Opportunist stress for that same 4.7 hit expectancy.

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