Wedge Antilles

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Wedge Antilles: 29 points, PS 9, EPT (v2.0 W12)

When attacking, reduce the defender's agility value by 1 (to a minimum of "0").

Wedge Antilles is the man: no cheaty Force powers, just pure unadulterated Empire-bustin' badassery. We should be living in a universe where the FFG forums are filled with threads discussing how to nerf him because he's breaking the game, or if it's fine anyway because he's Wedge freakin' Antilles.

Unfortunately, we reside in the reality where Wedge doesn't impact premiere events. Richard Hsu did manage to fly Wedge to a successful Regionals season in 2015, including a win at Mesa, AZ. The Hsunami employed the Draw Their Fire off Biggs archetype with an early Stresshog and Bandit.

(38) Wedge Antilles: Draw Their Fire, R2-D2, Shield Upgrade
(25) Biggs Darklighter
(25) Gold Squadron Pilot: Ion Cannon Turret, R3-A2, BTL-A4 Y-Wing
(12) Bandit Squadron Pilot

This was Wedge's best showing, but the squad is now hopelessly out of date.

With the most recent waves (11 and 12), Jonas Remne had the realization that attempting to keep Wedge alive for multiple uses of his ability is a futile endeavor. He cleverly front-loaded a triple PS 10 alpha strike for a top 8 finish at the 2017 Linkping, Sweden Regional.

Jonas Remne - Rank A (as long as you don't run into hard counters)

(34) Wedge Antilles: Adaptability, BB-8, Plasma Torpedoes, Guidance Chips
(24) Airen Cracken: Veteran Instincts, Harpoon Missiles, Guidance Chips
(42) Captain Nym: Veteran Instincts, Harpoon Missiles, Autoblaster Turret, Bomblet Generator, Rey, Guidance Chips

Cracken launches a double modded Harpoon, then grants Wedge an action for a double modded Torp, which detonates the Harpooned condition. Nym follows up with a triple modded Harpoon, and an aggressive coup de grace with unblockable damage.

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