Obsidian Squadron Pilot

David Yun David Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2017-08-30 04:22:48

Obsidian Squadron Pilot: 13 points, PS 3 (v1.0 W11)

For an additional 1 point investment, Academy Pilots upgrade to Obsidian Squadron Pilots. On the drive to 2015 Mesa Regional, Dallas was uneasy about upgrading his TIE swarm to Pilot Skill 3. I wasn't. It was a meta rife with PS2 4BZs and the like. It's rare that I challenge Dallas with any amount of confidence, and my full conviction apparently won him over. He rode those Obsidians all the way to the final table.

Wave 7 added even more PS2s to the meta, by giving Twin Laser Turrets to Y-Wings. Dallas employed the Obsidian swarm to make a mind-boggling third consecutive Worlds cut.

Texx PS 3.0 - Rank C

(22) Howlrunner: Veteran Instincts, Hull Upgrade
(78) Obsidian Squadron Pilot x6

X-Wing has shifted away from spammed generic efficiency, but if PS2 generics somehow ever return in substantive numbers, remember this squad. As you may have noted from the Academy Pilot file, I prefer Adrenaline Rush unless you need Howlrunner at Pilot Skill 10, and Stealth Device over Hull Upgrade.

I shared Dallas' 7 swarm opening in the Academy Pilot entry.

It must also be noted that you get bonus thematic points, as Howlrunner is Obsidian Leader. For MAXIMUM fluff, drop the upgrades for Night Beast and Winged Gundark and play on a Bespin mat.

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