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StarViper (v1.1 W11)

Black Sun Enforcer
Black Sun Vigo
Black Sun Assassin
Dalan Oberos
Prince Xizor

For a thoroughly un-iconic Star Wars vessel, the StarViper oozes personality. First glimpsed assailing the Outrider in Shadows of the Empire, it was also one of the inaugural fighters for the Scum & Villainy faction. Unfortunately, it was acutely overcosted and didn't see much play. It did sell, however, becoming colloquially known as the "Autothrusters Expansion Pack".

In terms of X-Wing mechanics, the StarViper suffered from a distinct rupture in personality. It couldn't decide if it was a jouster or an ace, and failed at both. It was too expensive to throw into the fire, and not nimble enough to avoid it.

Help eventually arrived in the "Guns for Hire" expansion set. In it is the new title that knocks 3 squad points off the cost, and gives it a squirrelier banked barrel roll. Perhaps this cool vessel will be able to enter the fringes of viability as a jousty ace after all.

Behold those barrel roll options! I ghosted the starting location of a 1-turn in that image, to really drive home how hard and tight this thing can drift now.

In terms of rules, the Mk. II title is governed by Lieutenant Lorrir's FAQ entry:

When declaring a barrel roll action, the player controlling Lieutenant Lorrir must declare both the side and direction of the roll. If Lorrir can perform the barrel roll action, he must do so. If Lorrir cannot perform the barrel roll action, the player controlling Lorrir may declare a Barrel Roll action in any other direction, or he may declare a different action.

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