Black Sun Enforcer

David Yun David Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2017-09-04 05:44:20

Black Sun Enforcer: 25 points, PS 1 (v1.0 W11)

You could slap Autothrusters or Pulsed Ray Shield on the Black Sun Enforcer, but you'd be missing out on that magical price check of 22 squad points. We're straight stealing a classic Rebel build with this:

4BZabernism - Rank B

(22) Black Sun Enforcer: Starviper Mk.II
(22) Black Sun Enforcer: Starviper Mk.II
(22) Black Sun Enforcer: Starviper Mk.II
(22) Black Sun Enforcer: Starviper Mk.II
(12) Sunny Bounder: Light Scyk Interceptor

The Black Sun Enforcer is an intriguing comp to the basic B-Wing or X-Wing with Integrated Astromech. They sport the same offense, but defensively, the StarViper outperforms the X-Wing by a negligible amount and trails the B-Wing by about the same. That's assuming naked dice. With defensive Focus, the StarViper's survivability is SUBSTANTIALLY better than that of an X or B-Wing... on average. The variance of green dice (and crits for that matter) gives the StarViper's longevity a wider range of possible outcomes, so crapping out and exploding is plausible, mathematical expectancies be damned.

For a jouster, the StarViper has a strong dial and now a vastly superior barrel roll than the B-Wing. The StarViper's blocking and maneuvering prowess is simply abusive. I need to share this image one more time:

Amusingly, Scum & Villainy possesses multiple options to fill out the 12 points remaining after 4 Enforcers. A generic Z-95 or M3-A would do just fine, but Sunny Bounder matches the Pilot Skill of the StarVipers, and contributes a minor, but not negligible bonus ability for the same cost. She also gives you a 5th barrel rolling blocker.

This is a solid and exciting squad. If X-Wing's power curve ever abates back to generic efficiency, this squad would never leave my travel box.

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