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Thweek: 28 points, PS 4 (v2.0 W12)

During setup, before the "Place Forces" step, you may choose 1 enemy ship and assign the "Shadowed" or "Mimicked" Condition card to it.

"Thweek" is treated as having the pilot skill value you had after setup. The pilot skill value of "Thweek" does not change if your pilot skill value changes or you are destroyed.

"Thweek" is treated as having your pilot ability. "Thweek" cannot apply a Condition card by using your pilot ability. "Thweek" does not lose your pilot ability if you are destroyed.

Mimicked is staggeringly cooler than Shadowed, but it's the latter that makes Thweek decent. As long as you win the initiative bid (and pass), it guarantees that you are moving the final ship, which always has value.

Loadout Options
The point reduction title is a no brainer. The other title gives you access to Fire-Control System, which Thweek will want to maintain a semblance of offense. He'll be spending his actions on defensive Focusing or arc dodging. Autothrusters is mandatory. Inertial Dampeners is also advantageous when moving last.

The issue with Thweek is that he's more expensive than face value, as you really want to invest another 3 points for that initiative bid. I contend that a BumpMaster 5000 is superior to Thweek across the spectrum of Scum builds, but if you prefer Thweek's play style, he's certainly fieldable.

The Last Word (AC Hanstedt) - Rank A

It took me some time to warm up to Thweek, because he's not as valuable as other Scum All-Stars, such as Fenn or Asajj. However, having Thweek wingman for them is entirely legitimate. The three do fit together in a squad, but it requires dropping FCS and results in a measly 1 point bid. I'm loathe to admit this (because I can hear Farmer crowing in my head), but Talonbane Cobra is a strong option.

(30) Thweek: Fire-Control System, Autothrusters, StarViper Mk. II, Virago
(34) Fenn Rau: Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Concord Dawn Protector
(33) Talonbane Cobra: Veteran Instincts, Cruise Missiles, Glitterstim, Guidance Chips, Pulsed Ray Shield, Vectored Thrusters, Vaksai

AC Hanstedt reached Top 4 at 2017 Austin Regionals (87 players) with this squad, and I concur with his choices. The Vaksai title is an efficiency monster here, netting 5 squad points and delivering the desired initiative bid. I honestly am not in love with any of these pieces in isolation, but all three are efficient threats that combine for the first notable Scum triple aces squad. Perhaps Talonbane isn't fully an ace in the classic sense, but he does reposition and makes up for weaker maneuverability by packing a wallop.

UPDATE: I flew The Last Word at Arizona Regional (Jan. 6-7, 2018) and went 5-1 for the 7 seed. I swapped out Pulsed Ray Shield for Munitions Failsafe on Talonbane in order to bid even harder, and to beat people with a squad that featured Munitions Failsafe. I lost in the cut to Miranda-Nym combombo-ness in a wild game. This squad is quite good, but it does feel bad to use three standard arced ships when your opponent is abusing bombs and turrets.

Colin Thrasher also made Top 4 at the same event with the same Thweek and Fenn, but with Sol Sixxa as his third vessel. I do need to wrap my head around Sixxa (PS 8 feels shy of eliteness), but the squad checks in at 98 points which does not meet my personal paranoia-fueled criteria.

Pierre Buffierre - Rank A

(27) Thweek: Autothrusters, StarViper Mk. II
(36) Lok Revenant: Deadeye, Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Autoblaster Turret, Boba Fett, Guidance Chips
(35) Lok Revenant: Deadeye, Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Autoblaster Turret, Collision Detector, Guidance Chips, Havoc

Pierre reached Top 8 at 2017 Spanish National (194 players!) with Thweek acing for two Harpooning Scurrgs. I hate that Thweek doesn't have FCS, and the 2 point initiative bid is uncomfortably light, but there's so much to like here. The Havoc Scurrg applies Harpooned!, and the other follows up with a devastating, condition-triggering, Boba-Fetting sequel. Thweek finishes any lingering wounded.

My slight skepticism prevents me from grading this squad as Rank S, particularly because this event took place just before the release of Waves 11 and 12. It was nevertheless a tremendous showing:

I wouldn't recommend squad building with Thweek as the foundation, but if you're looking for 30+ points to fill out a Scum list (and you don't care for a BumpMaster 5000), Thweek is an excellent option.

David Yun David Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2018-03-08 03:43:06

Connor Hawley

Connor's my BOY. This Mynock is a superior player and innovative squad builder, and it's good to see him win some elite acrylics: Top 4 at the 111 person Irvine, CA Regional.

ThweekGar - Rank A

(55) Dengar: Lone Wolf, Maul, Glitterstim, Countermeasures, Punishing One
(38) Thweek: Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Fire-Control System, Glitterstim, Autothrusters, StarViper Mk. II, Virago

Connor filled every upgrade slot on both ships, still leaving a 7 point bid. THWEEK IS MOVING LAST.

Lone Wolf and Maul provide Dengar a ton of passive rerolls and stress relief, and the expendable upgrades extend his lifespan.

The real joy here is Thweek. I thoroughly underestimated him. He is an ideal carrier for Advanced Proton Torpedoes. The Fire-Control System garners the necessary lock, and Glitterstim provides the fuel for 5 hit devastation. This is Fenn Rau-level ruination, only more consistent without requiring any Manaroo style support.

Including the initiative bid, Thweek becomes a 45 point MoV tank. While Connor was eliminated in the top 4 by the meta-menace Raptor Adapt (Lothal + Fenn), Thweekgar actually does fare extremely well in the matchup. The reason I'm not scoring this squad as top Tier S is that it flails against bombing squads (particularly Nymiranda).

The other factions have had "saucer plus ace" archetypes, and I'm pleased to see a legitimate one emerge for Scum.

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