Dalan Oberos

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Dalan Oberos: 30 points, PS 6, EPT (v2.0 W12)

"If you are not stressed, when you reveal a turn, bank, or Segnor's Loop maneuver, you may instead treat it as a red Tallon Roll maneuver of the same direction (left or right) using the template of the original revealed maneuver."

Dalan is an obscure bounty hunter character who has been given a seriously cool pilot ability in X-Wing. Unfortunately, his Pilot Skill is just shy of being able to actually exploit it. He desperately wants to move last, but he tops out at PS 8 with Veteran Instincts. That simply doesn't suffice, so we'll be relying on Intelligence Agent and blocking to effect positioning superiority.

FFG's diagram above depicts what Dalan and Advanced Sensors can accomplish together. Instead of 1 banking into enemy fire, a barrel roll to the left followed by a 1 bank Dalan Roll places the enemy in his sights. As cool as that is, Dalan is now stressed (robbing him of Advanced Sensors next turn) just for the sake of an unmodified shot, and to arc dodge (which he could have done anyway).

I've concluded that Fire-Control System is necessary to maintain some semblance of offense. Autothrusters and the titles are mandatory. I narrowed down the EPT to Outmaneuver (a touch pricey), Crack Shot (always excellent), or Cool Hand. I went with the janky option. With a point to burn, Contraband Cybernetics provides a second cheap consumable that maintains options. Busting a Dalan roll THEN bank barrel rolling is outstanding.

Dalan Rollin' - Rank C

(34) Dalan Oberos: Cool Hand, Fire-Control System, Autothrusters, Contraband Cybernetics, StarViper Mk.II, Virago
(34) Fenn Rau: Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Concord Dawn Protector
(29) Contracted Scout: Adaptability, Intelligence Agent, Rigged Cargo Chute, Ion Projector/Anti-Pursuit Lasers

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