BTL Y-Wing

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BTL Y-Wing (v 1.0 W12)

Gold Squadron Pilot
Gray Squadron Pilot
Dutch Vander
Horton Salm

The Koensayr BTL Y-Wing is clunky and venerable, but respected, as it proved critical in countless conflicts throughout the Clone War and Imperial eras. Current canon apparently has it lingering into a Starkiller Base concurrent timeline. I imagine that Scum elements throughout the galaxy continue to field them in notable numbers.

Y-Wings have served a similar role in X-Wing: they've never been sexy, but their continued impact on the game must be noted. They've always been precisely as effective as their turrets. They were a staple of Wave 1 Rebel builds, and they introduced 360 fire with the Ion Cannon Turret. This control element spiked in Wave 3 with the prevalence of the easy to hit B-Wing. The Rebel Transport introduced R3-A2, and 10 months later, Wave 6 brought those control elements to devastating fruition in the BTL-A4 Y-Wing title. Another 6 months in August of 2015, the Twin Laser Turret threw a lit match onto all that gasoline. I count no less than 15 TLTs in the Top 16 of that Worlds.

The key feature of the Y-Wing used to be sturdiness, but steady offensive power creep has rendered them somewhat squishy in the contemporary environment. Nevertheless, they remain at least peripherally viable to this day.

Take note of these squad building blocks:

(24) Gold Squadron Pilot/Syndicate Thug: Twin Laser Turret

Typically seen fielded in the Scum faction with Unhinged Astromech, they provide decent filler, to the degree that spamming 4 of them is effective.

(26) Gold Squadron Pilot: R3-A2, Twin Laser Turret, BTL-A4 Y-Wing.

This unit's ability to double stress targets out to Range 3 netted a lot of high end acrylic for a lot of players.

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