Horton Salm

David Yun David Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2018-02-04 09:44:43

Horton Salm: 25 points, PS 8 (v1.0 W12)

When attacking at Range 2-3, you may reroll any of your blank results.

Gray Leader excels at modifying two secondary weapons in particular: Proton Torpedoes and Twin Laser Turret.

Passive Mods - Rank C

(36) Horton Salm: R4-D6, Proton Torpedoes, Twin Laser Turret, Guidance Chips
(32) Lowhhrick: Draw Their Fire, Breach Specialist, Rey
(32) Braylen Stramm: R3-A2, Gunner, Alliance Overhaul

Horton should endeavor to launch a Proton Torpedo on the entry, which will average 3.8 hits. Thereafter, the Twin Laser Turret will average 1.9 hits on each salvo. Both of those stats are derived entirely from passive mods. This is vital for Horton's offense, as R4-D6 makes him resilient (particularly with Lowhhrick Drawing Fire) at the cost of piles of stress.

Braylen does his stress control thing, and Lowhhrick protects them both. I'm not fond of the two crews on board, but Breach Specialist dovetails with Draw Their Fire, and Rey provides a modicum of offense.

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