TIE Advanced x1

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TIE Advanced x1 (v1.0 W12)

Tempest Squadron Pilot
Lieutenant Colzet
Storm Squadron Pilot
Commander Alozen
Zertik Strom
Maarek Stele
Juno Eclipse
Darth Vader

The TIE Advanced was a clear case of the original design team not doing the math. They just took an X-Wing, gave it a slightly worse dial, and flipped the attack and agility values. This could've been fine if they'd tuned the squad cost lower than the X-Wing, but red dice are clearly and substantially more valuable than green. The only TIE Advanced pilot to make a splash was Darth Vader with his astounding pilot ability, in Doug Kinney's inaugural Worlds championship squad.

The dead weight of 2 attack dice at premium points caused obsolescence nearly upon arrival, and the Dark Lord largely disappeared from tables for several thematically frustrating YEARS. (I did enjoy running him during this era with Homing Missiles, as a primitive progenitor of the current alpha striking Vader.)

The release of the Raider (the x1 Title and Advanced Targeting Computer) ushered in an era of utter Vader dominance...that lasted for exactly 12 days whereupon Wave 7 unleashed the Twin Laser Turret. Nevertheless, Vader, backed by his Sith Lord Palpatine, managed to achieve some prominence once again at 2015 Worlds (as long as he avoided the TLT match).

He recoiled once again, before the Scum torpedo and Attanni onslaught, but ironically, it was a Scum release that returned him to excellence. Harpoon Missiles are currently a meta powerhouse, and Vader with his two actions and capacity to attain Pilot Skill 11 renders him a devastatingly ideal alpha striker.

You'll note that I haven't mentioned any of the other TIE Advanced pilots, which completely failed to impact the competitive scene. Despite the Raider upgrades, the platform is simply inefficient from a cost analysis perspective. The inability to equip Autothrusters, in particular, keeps it from meaningful play. I'll nevertheless be exploring the other pilots, but Darth Vader definitely receives the spotlight.

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