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Rookie Pilot: 21 points, PS 2 (v1.1 W12)

There was a time when the Rookie Pilot littered X-Wing mats. Coming in at 21 points, it was the original lunch-bucket workhorse of Rebel squads. Sadly, it is now largely outmoded, but it never hurts to practice with the basics.

The X-Wing features a Torpedo slot, but it's best to keep the Rookie lean. Integrated Astromech and Flight-Assist Astromech are far too good to pass up. Purchasing 4 Sheathipede-class Shuttles is pretty ridiculous though, and if you can't proxy, the old standard droids are adequate. R2 Astromech was the typical go-to, for post K-turn turns, swooping through debris, and stress mitigation in general. R5 Astromech cleans up numerous Critical Hit cards, notably the otherwise irreparable Damaged Engine.

We need to comp this 22 point staple against the 22 point Blue Squadron Pilot + Collision Detector. The X-Wing has 2 Shield, 3 Hull, and the Integrated Astromech backed up by 2 Agility. The B-Wing sports 5 Shield and 3 Hull with 1 Agility. The X-Wing is more prone to defensive variance, but on average is slightly sturdier than its B-Wing counterpart. The dials are a push: the B-Wing has a 1-turn, but more reds, and its 2-K turn is unable to clear large base ships. However, the barrel roll action is tremendous, and Collision Detector lends it even more efficacy. Once you are skilled at barrel roll blocking, you will miss the Blue. If this is not a factor in your squad building, you should field the Rookie.

4XZ - Rank B

Quad B-Wings and a Z-95 was a staple in the meta from the Wave 4 release of the Zed through many environments. The Rookie now slots in seamlessly:

(22) Rookie Pilot: Flight-Assist Astromech, Integrated Astromech
(22) Rookie Pilot: Flight-Assist Astromech, Integrated Astromech
(22) Rookie Pilot: Flight-Assist Astromech, Integrated Astromech
(22) Rookie Pilot: Flight-Assist Astromech, Integrated Astromech
(12) Bandit Squadron Pilot

Swapping in a couple of Blue Squadrons is perfectly reasonable, employing them as close quarters knife-fighters and rolling blockers, setting up the Rookies for mid-range shots. Really, any combination can be made to work. This is not an "elite" squad, but it can succeed with steady elite play. As recently as the Cardiff Regional (March 4, 2017), Matthew Cook flew 4XZ (with R2 Astromechs) to 9th in Swiss against 131 other players.

If you're lamenting the lack of X-Wings on the table, go ahead and put them on the table... and Fly Better.

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