Juno Eclipse

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Juno Eclipse: 28 points, PS 8, EPT (v1.0 W12)

When you reveal your maneuver, you may increase or decrease its speed by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

Juno is from The Force Unleashed video game. She's part of a long lineage of skilled Imperial officers, sadly burdened with the weakness of compassion, who defect to the ranks of the Rebel terrorist insurgency.

Juno's ability is fantastic, and is only held back by the unsatisfying greens of the TIE Advanced dial. Keep in mind that maneuvers maintain their difficulty, which increases the number of available greens, in addition to the 1-turn, and 3 and 5 K-turns that aren't normally available.

Syzygy - Rank C

(30) Juno Eclipse: Crack Shot, Advanced Targeting Computer, TIE/x1
(31) The Inquisitor: Push the Limit, Autothrusters, TIE/v1
(39) Major Stridan: Intelligence Officer, Systems Officer, Fire-Control System, Pattern Analyzer

Stridan uses coordinate, Systems Officer, or both to hand out target locks to the wingmen. Juno typically wants Veteran Instincts, but I wanted to move both fighters interchangeably, and Crack Shot judiciously pushes the crit through. Note that the target lock can trigger The Inquisitor's title, allowing him to Push off of it, then clear stress and take his normal action for quadruple action efficiency. If target locks aren't essential, barrel rolling or boosting prior to maneuvering provides extremely powerful positional value.

This Major Stridan build is the same amount of points as the Colonel Jendon loadout from the Maarek Stele TIE Advanced entry, and they can be employed interchangeably.

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