Tarn Mison

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Tarn Mison: 23 points, PS 3 (v1.1 W12) - That's him on the left! Totally canonical!

When an enemy ship declares you as the target of an attack, you may acquire a target lock on that ship.

In terms of mechanics, Tarn is my favorite X-Wing pilot. His ability meshes well with a couple of target lock related astromechs.

R7 Astromech: Once per round when defending, if you have a target lock on the attacker, you may spend the target lock to choose any or all attack dice. The attacker must reroll the chosen dice.

The instant he's attacked, he can force the attacking enemy to re-roll any successful results, which then cannot be re-rolled by the attacker. This makes Tarn an unattractive target. Fielding him alongside cannon fodder companions effectuates the likelihood that Tarn survives into the endgame, where despite his low Pilot Skill, he's a fairly decent finisher. I remember R7 Tarn winning a Store Championship in 2015 by riding shotgun on a Z-95 swarm. More recently, I opted for:

R7 Tarn - Rank C

(25) Tarn Mison: R7 Astromech, Integrated Astromech
(25) Blue Squadron Pathfinder: Chopper, Courier Droid, Fire-Control System, Pivot Wing
(25) Blue Squadron Pathfinder: Courier Droid, Fire-Control System, Pivot Wing
(25) Blue Squadron Pathfinder: Courier Droid, Fire-Control System, Pivot Wing

The U-Wings are decently chunky, providing strong jousting efficiency. FCS keeps up the firepower even when hard stopping. The goal is to vector them to establish a steadily constraining kill box. Tarn slow rolls in as an off-speed pitch, finishing off wounded enemies that escape the fatal funnel. Just focus up, and if the target lock is not required defensively, Tarn can save it for a consistent double modded kill shot. It's a fairly solid squad, best flown by a methodical mind.

M9-G8: When a ship you have locked is attacking, you may choose 1 attack die. The attacker must reroll that die. You can acquire target locks on other friendly ships.

M9-G8 costs a point more than R7 Astromech and doesn't provide as much defensive punch, but it is usable every time Tarn is attacked (no "once per round" restriction). The main leverage, however, lies in target locking an ally, particularly one that performs multiple attacks per turn.

M9-G8 Tarn - Rank B

(26) Tarn Mison: M9-G8, Integrated Astromech
(26) Gold Squadron Pilot: R3-A2, Twin Laser Turret, BTL-A4 Y-Wing
(24) Gold Squadron Pilot: Twin Laser Turret
(24) Gold Squadron Pilot: Twin Laser Turret

Tarn opens by target locking the Stresshog. Now, in addition to double stressing an enemy, all 3 of its attacks are modded. This gives the Hog a surprising offensive punch. Tarn should trail behind. When the Hog begins its slow turn back into the fight (cannot K-turn, being multi-stressed), Tarn target locks one of the other TLT Y-Wings, or simply uses his ability with M9 to tank for the others if your opponent elects to prioritize Tarn.

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