Jek Porkins

David Yun David Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2017-06-13 01:55:03

Jek Porkins: 26 points, PS 7, EPT (v1.1 W12)

When you receive a stress token, you may remove it and roll 1 attack die. On a [HIT] result, deal 1 facedown Damage card to this ship.

Really George Lucas? You name the hefty guy *Porkins*? Everyone needs to stop fat-shaming Red Six. (I'm looking at you, Farmer!) Just enjoy one of the most entertaining abilities in the game. As long as you're willing to skirt with danger (I CAN HOLD IT), Jek is immune to stress. Just chuck that stress token away and embrace the 37.5% chance of damaging your own hull.

In order to increase his longevity, I go with R5-D8 (this grants bonus fluff points as well, because it was actually Jek's droid). When activated with an action, this droid grants a 62.5% chance of repairing a hull, that was probably damaged by Jek's ability in the first place. All of this variance piles on the comedy (it would be nice if this Wave 1 droid simply worked without the roll). Integrated Astromech is an auto-include (Experimental Interface would further the hilarity, but it's too expensive).

Finally, we need an EPT. Jek will need to spend actions on his droid, so we need something that boosts his offense. Push the Limit allows you to focus and target lock, or one of those and R5-D8 for hit expectancies of 2.81 and 2.25 damage respectively. But the PtL stress doubles down hard on Jek's ability: fine if you're aiming to recreate the film, but undesirable from an efficiency standpoint. I used to use Expertise, which yields the same hit expectancies as PtL without the associated stress, but that was before the Biggs nerf, when the shelter of his bosom was all-encompassing. Predator is nearly as good, yielding 2.68 hits with a focus or 1.94 if you used the droid or bumped, so we'll settle for that since it allows you to take a focus and use it defensively, if necessary.

Fly Jek through debris: chuck the stress and take an action. K-Turn: chuck the stress and take an action. K-turn through debris: chuck both stresses and take an action.


(32) Jek Porkins: Predator, R5-D8, Integrated Astromech
(27) Biggs Darklighter: Selflessness, R2-D6, Integrated Astromech
(19) Zeb Orrelios: Intelligence Agent
(22) Rookie Pilot: Flight-Assist Astromech, Integrated Astromech

Biggs is regrettably mandatory (Lowhhrick being too pricey here), and I filled out the rest of the squad with 3 attack wingmen. Zeb has all of the same maneuvers as the X-Wings, and can be a pesky blocker with Intel Agent.

It's an enjoyable squad to fly, and with I CAN HOLD IT luck, is capable of pulling out wins it shouldn't be able to. Don't forget to yell Jek Porkin's catchphrase whenever you use his ability at 1 hull. No matter the outcome, the die roll will make you laugh. Farmer can attest to the delight of being on the opposite end of either result!

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