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Always Online Reaction

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-06-10 05:30:39

Always Online Reaction

In an effort to engender a positive vibe ahead of E3, Microsoft has clarified several issues regarding the Xbox One.

Yes, the Xbox One requires an internet connection. It needs to ping a signal once every 24 hours, or it will shut down the ability to play games. Other media functions will not be affected; only games will be unavailable without that connection.

This is insignificant unless you have no internet access, in which case the Xbox One is completely useless as a gaming device. It doesn't affect me at all, and actually provides me the benefit of skipping the laborious effort of swapping game discs. (Games will now install completely onto the hard drive.) The game license is linked to your account, and you can play it anywhere you can log in and access the game data.

There will be no fee for transferring game ownership.*

You'll be able to sell used games to that glorified pawn shop network known as GameStop. Microsoft won't charge an activation fee. Nothing effectively changes. You can give the game to a buddy who's been on your Live Friends list for at least a month - I need explicit clarification, but I don't think a physical disc is even necessary. Bring on the digital age!

Third party publishers may decide to prohibit used sales to retailers, or arrange licensing fees.

*So well, okay yeah, the possibility of license transfer fees exist. But third party publishers seem to be vigorously stepping away from the internet heat as well. I'd actually be encouraged if they opted in, and got a piece of that hot and dirty pawn shop action. It's not like GameStop could charge higher rates (they only knock all of $5 off used big titles as it is), and if it fosters a healthier development environment, I'm all for that. We wouldn't notice any difference in this scenario, and that filthy lucre would be coming out of GameStop's pockets.

Uh, "no comment" on game rentals or just loaning games to friends.

Microsoft should get on that. It probably doesn't make much business sense to enable friends to easily loan games, but rental outlets like GameFly are good for everyone involved.

Software Slump picks the Top 5 Games of This Generation. I think I'll post a slight rebuttal over there shortly as well.

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