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Lost in Translation

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-06-28 00:11:28

Lost in Translation

There was once a time when I hoped that Sony's "free to play online" policy would coerce Microsoft into following suit. Instead, the reverse has occurred: the PlayStation 4 will require pay to play. After the Xbox One introductory debacle, Sony would have to sneak into our homes after lights out, and dump steaming hot messes on our sleeping chests in order to lose their initial public relations edge. And frankly, it would "be absurd" from a business standpoint for them NOT to capitalize.

Software Slump explores Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-06-27 23:49:35

Diplomacy VII - Fall of 1455

England took some tactical gambles that didn't work out. I can't second guess those decisions at all; Kodi was short on options, and none of them good. She just guessed wrong is all; France didn't make the error she was hoping for. As a result, England's assailants now dominate the high seas, and her forces are in poor position to repel them. Kodi desperately needs a diplomatic reversal.

France's strategy has almost borne fruit. Doug has shown doggedly relentless political will to end England (this path clearly stunted his early growth), and has thus far managed to keep his allies on task. This is no mean feat, and must be commended. Yet, even on the cusp of success, grave questions remain. 1) Can the Holy Roman Empire be trusted without anything else to bribe him with? Perhaps - he does look preoccupied elsewhere. 2) The most effective plan of attack is to ferry over a Polish army; can Poland be trusted to honor whatever divvy of spoils is in place? France has survived the risks of attacking England; now it remains to see if he will survive the fallout.

The Holy Roman Empire is now the preeminent power. France's vendetta with England, and Venice's feud with Turkey created a vacuum permitting Alex to employ a resoundingly successful two pronged strategy. His northern corps has supported the siege of England, and was rewarded with zero risk gain by his partners. His southern units took advantage of Venice's preoccupation with Turkey, and casually marched in. With the resulting builds, Alex has tenuously connected his forces, but remains fairly overextended. Having aggressively pushed into the Tyrolian corridor, the HRE is in position to either turn on France or Spain's holdings in Italy. Thus far, Alex has had a smooth path to success by preying on those who could not effectively retaliate.

Poland selected the slow burn of fully committing to invading England. This is a stalling strategy in two ways. It retards Steve's growth; any prospect for rapid expansion is postponed. It also delays his confrontation with the HRE. I personally favor more aggressive strategies; my creed is to dictate tempo. However, this conservative approach is safer, and can still yield favorable long play results in steady hands.

Spain joined the gang jumping of Venice. Yino elected to build yet another fleet, his fourth in the Mediterranean theater, precipitating conflict with Turkey. I've disapproved of Spain's naval tactics thus far. Yino has employed his fleets as marine attackers, instead of as mobile force projectors. As a result, his two armies remain idle and wasted for an extended period of time. It appears that Spain is in the process of rectifying this issue, and none too soon. The HRE is a threatening hungry power, and Turkey has escalated the naval arms race. Spain needs to convoy those armies to useful positions yesterday.

Turkey finally broke through and took Greece. Venice's opening cost Kang a full year of momentum. Turkey, Spain, and the HRE now form a new political triangle, and predicting the odd man out is uncertain. The HRE likely won't exacerbate his overextension by pushing on Turkey, but it is also worth noting that Alex did not support Kang's move to Serbia (the Black Sea fleet move indicates that it was expected). The political situation is murky, but the HRE is once again in the favorable position of playing arbiter.

Venice paid the price for his nearsighted opening strategy, and would have been completely eliminated if the HRE had given Turkey that aforementioned support. Down to a single supply center, Vargas went the cheese-eating-surrender-monkey route by disbanding the army holding it. Elimination countdown initiated: two turns.

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