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Value Add

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-07-01 00:22:29

Value Add

Microsoft PR is just shooting blanks. The only benefit I see of this feature is freeing up an HDMI port on my television (by plugging your cable box into your Xbox One instead). I don't know how interested I am in channel surfing by waving my arms around or yelling at my Kinect. The worst part is Microsoft hiding this functionality behind Xbox Gold. The only thing Sony is shoving behind their pay wall are bonuses and online multiplayer. Microsoft needs to free this, Netflix, and other features that are locked behind the Gold tier.

Alex's Software Slump poops on Last of Us. I may have to defecate on him in return.

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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-07-01 00:10:54

Diplomacy VII - Spring of 1456

England is battling valiantly. Kodi just repelled France's amphibious attack by employing the old chestnut of bouncing herself to cover three territories. She also snuck back into Brest. Unfortunately, Poland landed a successful second amphibious assault with a reach around. If England's enemies remain resolute, she will lose two of three supply centers on the British Isles. To salvage her dwindling prospects, England must leverage Brest as a hostage, and take advantage of the volatile political change on the Continent (more on this below omg Alex).

France has to be frustrated. Doug invested everything to attack England, and it just went sideways (more on this below omg Alex). He took all the risk, but Poland is in superior position to reap the benefits. France's reward is staring at a likely net loss of centers.

The Holy Roman Empire just BLEW THE BOARD UP. Alex went all Hitler and opened up on multiple new fronts. He attacked both France and Spain for only a single center each, both of whom are still meaningful the Spring when control doesn't flip over. Poland also chose this moment to begin the attack I had been predicting. So, the HRE has made enemies of England, France, Spain, and the remaining tugboat under Venice's control. Poland is coming for him, and Turkey is politically tied to the hip with Poland. That makes Enemies 6, Friends 0. The HRE is currently the most powerful nation if you're counting by supply centers. Not so much if you tally allies.

Poland just keeps cruising. Steve has played a sensational game, seizing upon good fortune and parlaying them into even greater rewards. And now he's about to claim his piece of England, and has rolled into the Silesia/Galacia corridor in prime position to begin carving up the HRE.

Spain had overextended his reach in his effort to grasp Venice. Yino used his fleets as armies, and left his armies behind. He's in the process of correcting this misalignment, but had his outstretched hand slapped by the HRE. One side note: Spain very politely vacated the Ionian Sea. That's the sort of civilized move that either cements a long term partnership, or naively cedes position to a brute.

Turkey's patient waiting game is over. Kang has finally broken out and the political landscape is favorable for him to do to the HRE what HRE had been doing to others. And we'll have to see if Turkey is also a long term partnership rejecting brute.

Venice freely surrendered his last supply center to the very foe he spent the entire game assailing. Vargas is done, and only his final act of spite remains.

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