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They Should Xbox 360...Get it?

Microsoft should totally reverse their reversal. Although, their executives and PR crew would likely COMPLETELY BOTCH IT AGAIN. This is how it should go:

"Welcome to the all-digital future! All that money that you've been giving to GameStop can now go to developers and publishers, to finance better games - they'll be able to take risks on innovations and new IPs! Just download games directly from us, and you can keep them forever or 'trade them in' for Xbox Live credit, and you don't even have to leave your home to do so!

You could deal with the hassle of acquiring a physical disc, but that's just an old-fashioned way of downloading the game onto your hard drive. Isn't it much better to automatically preload new games so they are immediately ready to play at midnight, instead of waiting in some stupid line not knowing if the retail store will run out of copies? You won't even need to stand up to change discs!

Okay, so pinging in every 24 hours was kind of dumb. How about we extend it to once every few weeks like Steam? That should give you plenty of time in case you're moving or switching internet providers.

So now, we're so sorry we confused everyone. But now we can all tell that using the Xbox One will be exactly the same as before...EXCEPT WAY BETTER IN EVERY DIGITAL WAY!"

I've been seriously remiss in linking Software Slump articles. Alex has been busy with Hotline Miami, Wii games, the perils of Kickstarter, the Ouya, game storytelling, and the interstitial The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

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