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Steam Box

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-01-08 07:00:32

Steam Boxes

Thirteen different Valve partners have unveiled their Steam Boxes, and some of them are PRICEY. I like how their press releases boast about performance that "likely exceeds that of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4". At upwards of $500, they had BETTER!

I typically assemble my own rigs, and I'm wondering if I can avoid overpaying a boutique to slap together a Steam Box by doing it myself. What I do know, is that since I plan on hooking it up to my television, there's no reason for some insanely 'roided up machine. It just needs to handle 1080p @ 60fps, which renders those high end boxes completely pointless.

I'm interested in finding a GTA V online crew. Toss me a line on Xbox Live: gamertag Vawce.

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