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Media Remote

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-02-21 05:57:15

Media Remote

The Kinect exhibits enormous promise, but promises don't change the fucking channel. A remote does. This upcoming product is a tacit admission that the Kinect does not satisfactorily fulfill its function as a *simple input device*. Of course, the Xbox One doesn't recognize files on my media server, so the remote is a moot prospect for me as well. The only workaround is to find the file through Windows Media Player's fugly interface, and play it TO my Xbone. If I have to get up and go to my computer, the purpose of a remote is utterly defeated. How's about a firmware update to address this MS? (Or Sony for that matter - whoever fixes this first becomes my media hub.)

I'm distressed at the Kinect. I thought it was a smart idea making it a mandatory bundle with the Xbox One. That ensures 100% attach rate, so developers know that every Xbone owner has a Kinect, and don't have to worry about fragmented markets. I can even deal with the finicky voice and gesture recognition. The product will EVENTUALLY get to that Minority Report level of fidelity (although it may take several iterations). What I do despise, however, is how it leeches processing power away from the Xbox One itself. Out of five cross platform "next-gen" games I've bought thus far, I've opted for the PlayStation 4 version on four of them, because the Xbone's graphics are distinctly inferior. (FIFA 14 being the exception.) As eagerly as I'm looking forward to Titanfall, I'm vexed that it won't run in 1080p. Grrrrawr.

Sony, you're not off the hook either. Get that Error Code CE-34878-0 under control. Cleaner graphics don't make up for games that crash and corrupt save files. And I think I'm done with Battlefield 4. Now my unlocks keep disappearing.

The launch of every new generation of consoles suffers from general quality issues, but I don't think there's ever been one this aggravatingly wonky and buggy. Thank you for reading my thought dump. End rant.

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