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Superb Owl

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2017-02-08 18:56:45

Superb Owl

Aside from the most astounding comeback in sports championship history (no, coming back from 3-1 or even 3-0 in a seven game series isn't remotely similar), Super Bowl LI featured several controversial advertisements, in that they were received as attacks on President Trump and his policies. I generally avoid most political discourse here, but Direman is all up in the social satire biz and this situation is simply too ridiculous to ignore.

Lumber 84's commercial was, in fact, hilariously provocative. It was a blatant troll job that featured a massive wall with a door for immigrants built into it. I get why Trumpites are up in arms over it.

Trumpites: feel free to skip this paragraph. The President's proposed wall is asinine. It'll be expensive and there's no way to force Mexico to pay for it. His idea to raise funds through tariffs just means that WE'LL end up paying for it through increased costs of consumer goods. Even if somehow this project is completed... Okay, let's be real, yo. The exploitation of undocumented labor is a MASSIVE portion of our nation's real wealth. We would feel the pain of their absence in the form of SKYROCKETING costs for goods and services across the board (agricultural, in particular).

Anheuser Busch's spot was more nuanced. It depicted Adolphus Busch's travails as an immigrant. He endures racist tribulations until his chance meeting with Eberhard Anheuser, who buys him a drink, leading to the Budweiser horses, frogs, football playing bottles...what have you. If you're getting upset over this ad, you're wound up a little too tightly.

Trumpites: feel free to skip this paragraph. But if you ARE reading this, don't worry; I don't buy into all the "we are a nation of immigrants" rose-colored rhetoric. Some of us got here sooner, and those who did, built a nation on the bones of a historically epic SERIES of horrific genocides. I'm a keep it real suh'mo': American Became Great(tm) by innovating. And we did THAT by stealing the sharpest minds from around the world. No nation ever has enough scientists and engineers to fulfill demand. We topped off by poaching what we couldn't produce from other nations. Immigration is a key element of American Greatness, and I'm not even talking about lofty ideals here.

The Coke ad was totally innocuous. It depicted that dirty word: diversity. The raaaainbow of people having fun together (and drinking Coke) somehow raised the ire of the MAGA crowd. Wow.

Trumpites: feel free to skip this paragraph. I'm of Korean descent. I ain't speaking for Vargas, but the dude is pretty damn brown. If you think our tax paying parents should have been denied entry and y'all ain't cool with us American born-and-raised citizens enjoying our muthafuckin' liberties over some frosty bottles of Coke, well FUCK. YOU. TOO.

I'm posting this comic strip as the furor over President Trump's travel ban executive order keeps growing. Now listen, by now, some of you might be thinking I'm some flaming radical left-wing libtard, but that simply isn't the case. I just happen to believe that doing the right thing is also usually the most beneficial thing from a long term cost benefit analysis perspective, AND I'm happiest on election day when I have a quality Republican candidate to vote for. But the Grand Old Party keeps letting me down, and it's fucking preposterous that Congress denied President Obama from nominating the replacement for the vacant Supreme Court seat. Thankfully, as far as I can tell, Neil Gorsuch is a shockingly qualified and reasonable conservative candidate. Even Democrats should rubber stamp him before the President changes his mind and submits someone else with the legal acumen of a shit spewing baboon.

It's morbidly entertaining to watch the President faced with the reality that he constitutes only one third of the government. As the checks on his power from the judicial branch kick in, he's resorting to his modus operandi of blustering and bullying. Gorsuch himself finds this whole situation distasteful.

Here's the thing: nobody from any of the seven countries on the travel ban has ever entered the United States and committed an act of terror. Not one. I don't see how the executive order makes us any safer; rather, it INCREASES animosity toward the United States, fueling radicalism.

Okay, well, just for the sake of argument: those seven countries ARE chaotic and dangerous. Maaaaaaaaybe the ban could prevent an act of terror moving forward? Well, there is an exemption on the executive order: Christians are permitted entry. So, in essence, it bans only Muslims from those nations (even though the White House keeps insisting it isn't a ban on Muslims).

Holy hell. Off the top of my not-even-remotely-a-lawyer's head, that's blatantly unconstitutional in at least two different ways. And I don't mean unconstitutional in the "my far fetched interpretation of how I want to read the Constitution" way, but unconstitutional in the "it's clearly fucking contrary to the bold print" way. At this point, I'm not even angry at President Trump's policies. I'm offended that it's goddamn fucking amateur hour in the White House. If you're going to be reckless with the powers of the executive office, at least have someone semi-competent write up something that won't get obviously stricken down at the first available opportunity. It's a fucking clown car circus seal shit show, and the rest of the world would be busting their stitches laughing at us, if they weren't so horrified.

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