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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2006-11-03 04:12:25

All of a Sudden!

Something like today's strip happened when I tried to run a pre-fabricated adventure without reading it first. The module was crappy to begin with, and my half-assing it didn't help any. As always, my players were fun and creative. Result: great characterization, stupid plot.

Just like the TV show Lost. Wednesday's episode just turned me off. We get all this great back story with Eko, pulling me in. And then, "all of a sudden", that retarded smoke monster kills him out of nowhere, without any real purpose or drama. And those two tag-alongs (although the girl was hot and bouncy) were like pointless NPCs - did we ever even get their names? I keep getting the feeling that the writers are just whipping things out of their ass, without any real sense of direction or purpose. This is why plot-intensive shows should be mapped out in advance in their entirety, with a set number of seasons, like Babylon 5 (although, that show had different problems).

Heroes is another show that people seem to be digging, but I don't really get it. If you're a comic book fan, it's all stuff you've seen a thousand times before, told through the same formulaic patterns. Unlike Lost, the characters are bland and the actors are horrid. The one exception is Ali Larter's character, who is interesting and well played.

The one show that is putting it all together for me is Battlestar Galactica. They fixed some of the problems from the second season, like finally destroying the Battlestar Pegasus. They amped up the conflicts: military, ethical, interpersonal, psychological...the first several episodes of season three simply kick ass.

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