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State of the Union

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-01-26 06:33:14

State of the Union Address

Especially since the expansion, the only game I've been playing is World of Warcraft, so I don't have too many video game ideas to mine at the moment. Today's comic is a departure from what we usually do here. There's no real punch line, and it's really just a setup for me to dabble in political cartoons should the mood strike me. Religion and politics are generally taboo topics within the saccharine Garfield crowd, but after reading the transcript of the State of the Union address, I felt the compunction to wade in. I endeavor to remain objective as possible, and keep in mind that I would love to see a strong Republican candidate. I haven't been able to vote for a GOP presidential candidate since George H. Bush.

So W. began his speech with standards that we need to strive for: " spend the people's money wisely ... to solve problems, not leave them to future generations.."

This from the president that inherited the nation's largest budget in history, and blew it on tax breaks for the wealthy, resuscitating Reagan's useless "Star Wars" program, and by the time he leaves the office, will have nearly doubled the national debt from 6 to 11 trillion dollars. For the first time in our treasury's history, we had to borrow money simply to pay the interest on our debt. If that was a family household, it'd be bankrupt.

As for "not leaving problems to future generations", our mere presence in Iraq has fostered an entire new generation of terrorists who hate us to the point of embracing death for the opportunity to harm us. Even relatively moderate Muslims despise us. W. then extols the virtues of bipartisanship cooperation, while he continues to defy the will of the people, and even members of his own party in sending additional troops and funds into the war. He continues to treat Iraq and Afghanistan as military conflicts, when they are essentially socio-political ones. Our armed forces are the world's finest; they've done their job. Our diplomats and intelligence agents, on the other hand, are laughingstocks of the international community.

However, I do approve of his proposed tax breaks for individuals and families who purchase health insurance. If implemented well, this would be a non-obtrusive means of providing health care (one of our most pressing issues), in line with the Republican ideal of governmental non-interference. I embrace the notion of leaving pinko socialism to Canada and fjords.

After touching on immigration and work permits, he speaks eloquently at length about the necessity of energy independence and environmental responsibility. Where was this mindset when he rejected the Kyoto accords - the one time modern industrialized nations came together to solve these issues? Three words: drowning polar bears! At that point in his presidency, he wasn't merely pro-industry; he was actively anti-environment. Still, kudos for changing his stance (albeit, too late for him to do anything about it). He also touches upon the one policy of his administration that I've been wholeheartedly behind - fighting AIDS in Africa.

The final issue I'd like to point out is that our federal government has thus far devoted a tad over $100 billion dollars for New Orleans Katrina assistance. That's less than the annual budget for each branch of our armed forces. That's less than we've poured into Iraq and Afghanistan. For my fellow comic book fans, remember a few years ago when Batman's Gotham City was destroyed by an earthquake, and the federal government gave it up for lost and cordoned it off? Everyone's response was, that's a pretty stupid storyline; my USofA would never do something like that. We're racking up trillions of dollars in additional debt, and all we can scrape up is $.1 trillion for our own citizens? That's a pretty stupid storyline.

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