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So a new version of Windows is upon us, with the next iteration of DirectX. Microsoft's been busy signing up future game projects to run solely on Vista. It seems as if they're emphasizing gaming on Vista, with support for the 360 controller, Live connectivity, and stringent standards for games to fully utilize the OS and cutting edge computers. Of course, there's not much that supports it at the moment, but since my old rig is dying, I figure I might as well jump ship to Vista with the new dual core system I plan on getting shortly.

Right, well, it's time to finish the rant from the last strip.

Most people stare at me incredulously, like I'm some kind of idiot, or flat out call me a liar, when I try to explain to them that we aided, trained, and armed the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, we spent billions of dollars in clandestine support of the Afghan mujahideen insurgents who battled the Russians. The Taliban developed from these combatants. Ronald Reagan referred to them as "freedom fighters". Today, of course, we know them as terrorists. It all really depends on who the gun is aimed at.

Now, much like Saddam Hussein, it's important to understand who Osama bin Laden is. The popular image of him seems to be that of a madman goat farmer, that just appeared onto the world stage, but the truth is that he was a wealthy, well-educated Saudi engineer and businessman. The key thing to remember is that he is a zealot to his faith. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, he left behind all his material comforts to go fight them for the sake of Islam. After receiving CIA training, and becoming a battle-hardened leader and tactician, he created Al Queda in 1988, with full U.S. knowledge. We didn't care at the time, since we weren't on their hit list. When the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, these freedom fighters/terrorists went home.

So what motivated bin Laden to turn the resources of his Al Queda network toward attacking the United States? He unleashed his fury on our soldiers, our embassies, a warship, and lest we forget, the 1993 bombing of the Trade Center, long before 9/11. It's simple: the presence of several hundred thousand American soldiers on his home soil, during the first Gulf War. From his perspective, we desecrated his holy places, incurring the wrath of his god. From that event on, he's given up everything to bring ruin upon the United States. It was a foreseeable turn of events, of our own making, especially in the light of the diplomatic bungling that led to the first Gulf War (see the last post).

So why did 9/11 surprise us? Did we think he wouldn't stop? Just because the annihilation of our embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzania wasn't important enough to make the prime time news, did we think he wouldn't try to reach us at home? We were informed by both common sense and intelligence data, but were just too complacent to act on it.

Between Hussein and bin Laden, Iraq and Afghanistan, our government has been playing chess for decades. Only, instead of being able to look several moves ahead for victory conditions, we just take the most delicious piece in front of us. "Hey look, we can take their queen," without realizing we've left our defensive posture wide open for catastrophic losses. We made these monsters; it is a simple fact that they never would have been without our implicit support.

Examine the argument I presented in the previous post about the fallacy of the current war. The information I presented was freely available to anyone who could be bothered to look. Why didn't more people scream at the President not to proceed with an action that would hurt us so much? Why is it now, that we're wringing our hands and wondering how we got where we are?

We need to start paying attention to the repercussions of our policies, and demanding immediate accountability of our leaders. Also, let's vote for a competent President please? This one failed in the oil business, and couldn't run a baseball team, and we put him in charge of the most powerful nation in the world? For crying out loud!

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