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Great Ass

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-03-02 06:42:48

With Great Ass Must Come Great Responsibility...

Daredevil has consistently been the best monthly Marvel book over the past several years, and it looks like Ed Brubaker's writing is just warming up. Issue #94 was a self-contained recap type of story, that serves as a great jumping on point for new readers.

My one true comics guilty pleasure is Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. It's purely a high school drama ala Dawson's Creek or The O.C., except, I like it. Issue #15 kicks the love triangle of Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Gwen Stacey to the breaking point, and it's cool to see old school Spidey problems. I also seriously dig the neo-manga artwork by Takeshi Miyazawa.

X-Factor is the best work by Peter David since his Incredible Hulk days. I sense some parallels; his Hulk was an interesting exploration of Freudian sensibilities, and he similarly explores Jamie Madrox's (Multiple Man) fractured psyche. Meanwhile, the rest of X-Factor serves as an intriguing supporting cast, producing the best "soap opera" (I use that term in a positive way) he's done since, well, he did the same with Hulk's supporting cast.

Finally, my last pick of the week is Walking Dead. I gushed over Robert Kirkman's Invincible earlier, and this is his other tour de force. It's an apocalyptic zombie book, but the real horror and drama is generated by his well-crafted human characters. Any week that Invincible or Walking Dead releases, it's the book I look forward to reading most.

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