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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-03-12 08:40:46

The Adventures of Dave the Direman Now In Glorious Technicolor!

Unfortunately, this means that we'll have two new strips a week, instead of three. We're going to try this out for the foreseeable future, but let us know what you'd prefer.

So, I saw 300 last night. It's fairly decent - if you go in expecting machismo on steroids and loads of stylized violence, it's great. My only major gripe is that the Persian foes were too over the top. At times, it seemed as if the Spartans were combating ogres and ghouls instead of men. It was unnecessary and kept jarring the suspension of disbelief, making it harder to relate the events of the film to the actual historical battle.

I also rented Babel in response to the Oscars adulation it received. Overrated. It was just this year's Crash (which was also overrated). The non-linear multi-pronged interweaving story lines just serve to mask the sheer ridiculousness of the series of piled on coincidences that serves as the plot. Yes, I get the theme: Babel...the difficulty of communicating with another human being. They hit you over the head with it: misunderstandings compounded by varying values and goals exacerbated by different languages. As if that weren't enough, Babel flips over to the story of a deaf Japanese girl. I get it, already! It's hard to communicate! Don't get me wrong; Babel's worth viewing. It's well acted and directed. I'm just irked by the irony that what Babel's trying to communicate isn't really meaningful.

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