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PC vs. Mac

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-03-26 06:06:02

Apple Smugness

Truth is, I like these commercials. They're entertaining, and they don't try to pummel your brain with a pounding soundtrack and exploding graphics that kick the crap out of your retina. If you're a television hating fanatic and haven't seen them, follow this link and check them out.

Apple's entire design and marketing aesthetic is simply refreshing. They really embody the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Their computers and monitors are works of art, that contribute to a home's decor, instead of making it look like an extension of the office. The iPod is one of the cleanest pieces of hardware ever brought to market. In contrast, check out this parody video that Microsoft's internal team put together just for fun.

I used to be a Mac user. Heck, my first computer was an Apple IIe with a whopping 128k of RAM. I stuck with Apple for ages, until Windows finally improved to the point of being only moderately aggravating. I just got sick of not being able to use the software I wanted to (i.e. games) and overpaying for less powerful hardware.

What still sticks in my craw is that the Mac OS is just getting more elegant and more stable with each refinement. I've managed to wrestle Windows XP to submission, and force it to give me what I need, but this involves nuking the hard drive and reinstalling the OS every few months. The alternative is allowing Windows' weirdly organic registry to accumulate debris and deal with it locking up all the time. For those of you who are accustomed to this nonsense, Macs hardly ever ever crash, and you never need to reinstall the OS. Yeah, I know - I almost want to call myself a liar.

When Apple switched to Intel architecture and offered a way to run XP on Macs, I thought about jumping back. These Mac Pros look phenomenal. I configured a rig I wanted, and ended up with a phenomenal $2,800 price tag. The PC system I'm planning on slapping together will run me less than $1,300. Even if I got lazy and had a company like Dell put it together for me it'd still be almost a grand less than that Mac. That's a lot of money to pay for the privilege of running Mac OS X. Maybe you're paying extra for the smug factor.

Now that Mac OS X runs on Intel chips, there's no legitimate reason why it couldn't be released for use on generic PCs. I'd run down and buy a copy right now, if I could install it on my machine. I simply refuse to be strong armed into purchasing Apple hardware to run it. That's why this ad campaign is disingenuous. It's not "stuffy PC vs. cool Mac". It's more like "psycho girlfriend Windows vs. executive-class whore OS X". Dang, maybe that would've been an even better strip.

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