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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-05-07 08:35:12

Biggs Wants a Girlfriend, Part 1

It looks like the advent of a new storyline. Maybe I'll actually think of an ending this time; continuity is a hassle for punch line driven comic strips.

Lego Star Wars II is one heck of a fun game, especially if you have someone to co-op with. It's riddled with significant flaws (occasionally clunky controls, repetitive game play, tedious method of unlocking cool stuff like Boba Fett), but it absolutely oozes charm and humor in delicious authentic Star Wars flavor.

Mind you, this is the sequel dubbed The Original Trilogy. If, like all right thinking people, you consider the shitty prequels to be non-canonical fan fiction, avoid the first Lego Star Wars game at all costs. LSW2 not only delivers the Star Wars we love, but it adheres to the original versions of the films before Lucas crapped all over them. Greedo shoots first and the Ewoks sing the "jub jub" song at the end of Return.

The game's really simple. Your little Lego guy runs around blasting hordes of little Lego enemies, broken up by the occasional boss fight or vehicle stage. The coolest is when Chewbacca runs up to a stormtrooper, and pops out their little Lego arms. You build Lego constructs to help you progress, and solve some casual puzzles requiring switching between characters with different abilities.

It really shines in co-op mode, which saves you the hassle of swapping characters. In a massive oversight, there's no online function, so you'll need a real life friend to play with you, preferably a wife who digs Star Wars.

Rank: B, higher if you have someone to co-op with or if you want to marry Star Wars.

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