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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-09-07 00:51:49

I Broke Down and Got a PS3

This is a purchase that I'm not entirely happy about, but I am at least satisfied. Here are the reasons why I purchased a 60GB PlayStation 3, in increasing order of importance.

1) $100 price drop - there's no guarantee that Sony will apply that same discount to the 80GB unit once the 60GB PS3s are gone, especially with the holiday commerce season approaching.

2) 5 free Blu Ray discs - the pool of films these can be chosen from isn't amazing, but it's still over $100 worth of retail goods thrown in as a bonus. This offer expires at the end of September.

3) The Blu Ray player itself - I'm still convinced from a purely commercial perspective, that HD-DVD and Blu Ray are simply fighting over the right for who gets to be the next Laserdisc. However, as one of my friends is fond of pointing out, I am a graphics whore. Watching television or film in high definition is an amazing experience, if the source material is of sufficient quality. I'm currently watching the BBC documentary Planet Earth with my wife and son, and it's simply breathtaking. I had refused to purchase the standard DVDs of this series because they wouldn't do them justice.

4) Games - I'm finally convinced that the PS3 will eventually have enough exclusive games to justify its existence as a unique platform. It won't be for some time, however; there will be a trickle in '08 and it'll finally come to life in '09.

5) With the relaunch of the site, Direman Press will be providing systematic videogame reviews. I could hardly do this properly without covering a major platform like the PlayStation 3.

6) Emotion chipset - the 60GB model is the last SKU to include the PlayStation 2 hardware. From the 80GB model on, backward compatibility will be conducted via emulation. Any 360 owner with a large original Xbox library can attest to how spotty emulation is for this function, and that's with a Microsoft team dedicated to making it work. It's clear that Sony is making no such effort. Also, if an Xbox game isn't backward compatible, it simply won't load. If a PS2 title has problems, the PS3 still attempts to run it, resulting in a confusing mess of varying bugs and crashes randomly throughout the software library.

Reason number six was the overriding factor in my purchase decision. If, like me, you have a massive library of older PlayStation games that you still intend on dusting off from time to time, you must get the 60GB PS3. If this doesn't concern you whatsoever, hold off until Sony actually fulfills some portion of the PlayStation 3's potential.

I had intended on writing an actual review of the PlayStation 3, but I'll hold off until Monday. I'll have a firmer grasp on the minutia of the system then.

Now Playing - PlayStation Network downloadable games: Calling All Cars!, flOw, Super Stardust HD, maybe Warhawk

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