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360 Repaired

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-10-12 11:28:31

Dial 800-4MY-XBOX to Speak With MAX

So Microsoft mailed me an Xbox 360, yay! It's brand new as well; the manufacturing date is just a few weeks ago. Here's the full rundown on my repair saga.

August 8th - My 360 breaks down with one flashing red light. The error code is E74, indicating a faulty scaler chip. I open a repair order to find out that it'll cost me $99. Turns out that Microsoft's extended warranty only covers Red Ring of Death. So if my 360 were more fucked up, they'd cover it, but as it stands, I'm out a C-note. I briefly toy with the notion of cooking my 360 in the oven until it Red Rings, but once again my ethical standards impede my cleverness. Now here's the funny part: Microsoft's billing computer system went down, preventing them from taking my credit card info. The manager authorizes a free repair for me. Fool that I am, I think to myself, "Hey, their incompetence is a stroke of luck for me!"

August 12th - Microsoft was supposed to mail me a shipping box to send my 360 back to them, and it hadn't arrived when they said it would. I'm now informed by their customer service rep that it takes 7 to 10 business days.

August 21st - 10 business days and 2 full weeks later, I call them up wondering where the hell that shipping box was. I give them my repair order, they look into it, and tell me they found out why I hadn't received it: it was because they never sent it! I'm already speechless, when the rep flashes cannonball sized cojones by telling me that, "It's a good thing we didn't send it to you." I explain to him that customer service agents should never tell their clients that being dicked around is a good thing, and he responds by telling me that I need to mail my 360 to them at my expense.

August 31st - I call to make sure they've received my 360. The guy who took my call was the single most unintelligent person I've ever suffered an elongated conversation with. He repeatedly asked for my personal information, presumably for verification purposes. He asked for my phone number on three separate occasions over the course of this phone call. He would put me on hold for three minutes, only to ask me if it was all right to put me on hold for three more minutes. He did this about a dozen times. Finally, I told him, "No, it's not alright to put me on hold." That's when his circuits imploded, and he had no idea how to proceed with the call. I told him that I simply wanted to know the status of my repair. I explained that I had mailed my 360 to them, gave him the UPS tracking number when he asked for it, and sighed internally, pleased that my patience had held up for half an hour of this nonsense. That's when he asks me if I had received my shipping box yet, so I could send in my 360. His stupidity was so soul crushing that I gave up on the call.

September ?? - I forget the date, but I finally get a 360 back. Unfortunately, it's not my actual unit (which I took good care of), but a refurbished replacement that I was wary of. Sure enough, it promptly Red Ringed, but not until after I had managed to drop some money into an Xbox Live Arcade purchase. Gritting my teeth, I open another repair order. A few days later, I received the shipping box and sent it away. I call Xbox support again, and this time, I immediately ask to speak with a manager. I slowly explain my compounding frustration, and manage to actually communicate with an intelligible human being. I simply ask for Microsoft to make this outrageous problem right and am assured that they would.

October 8th - I receive a brand new Xbox 360 ahead of schedule, and that's about as "right" as I could possibly expect.

The Xbox 360 has the best software of the current crop of consoles (games and firmware), but easily the least dependable hardware. I do commend them as a whole for attempting to rectify this (an estimated $1 billion of repairs), but their quality of customer service is problematic. Ultimately, they came through for me, but it was an unreasonably frustration experience.

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