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Proty II

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2007-11-05 04:50:28

Flexing My Nerd Cred

I got into an argument with my local comic book shop guy. He was hard selling me on two books: Action Comics and Justice Society of America, both written by Geoff Johns. I've enjoyed his work in the past, particularly his run on The Flash, (and he's also accessible and friendly in person), but I simply haven't enjoyed his work in some time. He's a veritable historian of DC comics lore, and his love for its rich past seeps into everything he pens.

Unfortunately, he's too slavish to the past. In 1986, John Byrne streamlined out all of the self-contradictory, goofy aspects of Superman continuity. Johns is bringing them back, from the rainbow colored variations of Kryptonite to Bizarro's cube planet. He reinstated Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, resurrecting all of the people he killed.

DC's "universe" used to consist of multiple parallel earths, with a bajillion different versions of the same characters. It was a big, confusing mishmash. DC had the good sense to streamline them into one world that readers could keep track of without a flowchart and encyclopedia. Geoff John's Infinite Crisis pretty much brought back that ridiculous hodgepodge. We've now got multiple versions of the same character, characters that have memories that never happened, characters with multiple conflicting origins, etc.

The comic shop owner was pushing JSA on me, because it features the Superman from Kingdom Come. So not only do we have several different Supermans, they're starting to hang out in the same place. Why not toss in a few more and have them form the Legion of Supermen? Sorry fanboys, as cool as Kingdom Come was, this just smacks of bad fan fiction.

Oh, and the strip was a trick question. Those were all actual members of the Legion of Super-Pets. Good gravy, I can't believe I typed a sentence that stupid. Maybe Geoff Johns will retcon Proty back into the DC universe.

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