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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-02-18 03:00:57

Everyone Enjoy...

...your day off or your double overtime pay.

I had a crazy weekend, with a couple of 24+ hour days. I've been working, and getting the site up to snuff, and then I get phone calls to jump on Live for Call of Duty 4 sessions.

Well, the site is just about "finished", so I'll be able to concentrate on actual content again. I should soon be able to put up proper blogs, instead of these blurbs, and I'm looking forward to playing other games and giving you the lowdown in the reviews section. I'm going to be catching up on the backlog of 360 games, then I'll be tackling the PS3 and Wii and peppering in the occasional PC review. Also, arcade fans should download the appropriate files and follow my Retrogaming column.

CoD4 is the next review up in the queue, and I've finally reached the "Gold Cross" - the 10th and final prestige level. I'm slowly working on my headshots for my golden weapons, and this will no doubt lower my kill/death ratio, but it does currently stand at a personal high of 2.09 with over 50,000 kills. Again, I'm considering working up a game guide for the multiplayer, but it would be a ton of work. Hit up the forums and demand it if you're really interested.

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