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Running Riot

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-02-25 04:59:11


Xbox Live Arcade is becoming a full fledged showcase for some great games.

I already talked about Poker Smash a few posts ago, and it's now my puzzle game of choice. The depth of trying to line up the various poker hands gives a greater brain paining depth than simple rows of colors.

Rez was one of the best music/rhythm games of all time, but a lot of gamers missed out on it. Now that it's an inexpensive download, there's no reason Xbox 360 owners shouldn't at least check out the demo. And if you even remotely like the demo, it gets way better a few levels in.

N+ epitomizes "indie game", as it started as an ingenious flash based product. It's platforming stripped to its heart - moving and jumping. If you want a simple and pure gaming experience, the kind that games like Lode Runner or Elevator Action did back in the day, check it out. Not that N+ plays like those games (it is definitely a postmodern work), but it does capture the feel of those simply fun games.

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David Vargas David Vargas: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-02-25 12:06:46

We're Gonna Need a Montage!

The hour's approaching, just give it your best
You've got to reach your prime.
That's when you need to put yourself to the test,
And show us a passage of time,
We're gonna need a montage (montage),
Oh it takes a montage (montage).

Before we receive any complaints stating that placing an infant in mortal danger is wrong, please note that Dave would not put baby Spartacus, or anyone else, in any situation that they could not handle. Unless you're Biggs. Then you're screwed.

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