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Console Usage Patterns

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-31 12:56:24

Nintendo FTW?

Just in case readers are confused by some of the elements of today's strip:

Red Ring of Death - The Xbox 360 (at least the older models; hopefully the newer designs are better) is prone to heat-related complete hardware failure.

Downloading Movies - Xbox Live offers downloadable rentals of kick-ass high definition content. I'm an audio/videophile, and from my experience, these are as good as my PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray output (although the 360 itself is pretty noisy). Selection is severely limited at the moment, but things are always brewing.

Spider-Man 3 - This is the current pack in Blu-Ray movie when you buy a PlayStation 3. The games are coming, but for now, my PS3 gets significantly more use as a movie player.

Curing Cancer - This is a pretty kick ass feature of the PS3. The Folding@Home project harnesses processing power by linking up computers across a vast network. All those PCs and PS3s hook up like Voltron, to form a unified uber-computer that's currently busy at work unraveling the inner workings of various diseases.

System Updates - Sony incessantly updates the PS3 firmware. I know there's one waiting to download and install the next time I turn mine on, and I doubt any of the new "features" will be of immediate use to me.

Paperweight - Well, that's it. Now that Smash Brothers is out, we've got nothing left to look forward to. True, Mario Kart is coming, but it's the same game we've been playing on every Nintendo system since the SNES. (Ok fine, since the N64 when that system took it to 3-D.)

I'd be more interested in Mario Kart if Nintendo's online capability wasn't complete and utter testicles. There's no voice chat (people are using Ventrilo or Xbox Live to chat while playing the Wii :P), and hooking up with your friends is an exercise in anger management. With Smash Brothers, there's no way to jump into a friend's game or invite him into your own. I had to call him up on my phone in order to set up a game for us. Once we got rolling, the horrible amount of lag rendered the game a stuttering, unplayable mess. And if someone gets dropped, they're replaced by a computer controlled bot without any notification. Microsoft, do us gamers a favor and just write a check to buy Nintendo. Please? I'd love these otherwise kickass games on Live...

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