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Mario Kart Wii Voice Chat

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-05-05 06:55:19

Mostly Harmless

It does have its flaws, but I like Mario Kart Wii. The online functions admirably, and it's good to race against eleven human opponents. The game is absolutely loaded with "glorious bullshit" - most races are filled with ridiculous lead changes, and turn after turn of skilled racing negated with a single randomly dramatic power-up. These are the sort of gaming moments that need to be verbally shared, but, of course, Mario Kart Wii does not support voice chat.

My initial reaction was to scoff at Nintendo's absurd online policies, and then I envisioned the scenario in today's strip. As it currently stands, Mario Karting is a fun, if saccharine, romp through a mostly harmless cartoonish world. It's one thing to engage in foul banter in between rounds of Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live, but I'm actually glad that that's not possible with Mario Kart. I see my three-year-old son twisting the Wii Wheel around and find myself relieved that Nintendo provides a safe harbor for such innocence.

Imagine the alternative:

"Bull$h17! I'm gonna take that *&^%'in blue shell, and shove it up Mario's @$$ and *&^% him with it until it comes out his *&^%!"

...not a pretty picture.

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