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Gritty Call of Duty

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-06-27 04:54:37


In the past, I've felt that the amount of disdain Treyarch receives isn't really justified. They've made some decent games, but they take flak because they can't hang with the blue ribbon standard of the Infinity Ward-developed "true" Call of Duty titles. Treyarch was forced to crank out Call of Duty 3 in an unreasonable development cycle (under a year) just so Activision could publish an annual Call of Duty release.

So yeah, I used to put the blame on Activision's shoulders, but Treyarch seems to have gone right off the rails. In keeping with the bullshit "gritty" philosophy of game design in today's strip, Treyarch's goal is to "explore the darkest corners of WWII". Yes, we're back to World War Fucking Two, only with an emphasis on the Pacific theater. As a person of Korean descent, I've got historical reasons to look forward to combating Japanese imperialists, but let me tell you, I'd much rather shoot Nazis.

So supposedly they're "tackling darker themes" with an emphasis on horror, like the juvenile cigarette-in-the-eye-throat-slitting gruesomeness above. Now get this: Call of Duty: World at War will pit players against a "new, seemingly alien fighting force." You're fucking kidding me. I can already picture it: dark, creepy jungles that house monster closets full of bug-eyed Japanese monstrosities. With tentacles. Crap, that should've been today's strip.

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