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Goodbye Windows XP

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-06-30 10:12:28

Goodbye Windows XP

Well, that's it. As of today, Microsoft will no longer make XP available to major PC manufacturers. Basic support for XP will continue for some time, but Vista will now be shoved down our throats in earnest.

I never "upgraded" to Vista, so all my knowledge is second hand hearsay, but gaming on Vista would appear to be a major step backward to the sort of instability that used to plauge Windows ME. The Games For Windows compatibility guarantee seems to be balderdash. I've been related numerous tales of Vista games randomly crashing to the desktop or simply refusing to load.

PC gamers: make sure you have a copy of XP and stick with it. DirectX 10 and the GPU to run it is not worth the money, particularly when there's no assurance it'll even work.

As a lapsed Mac user, OS X is calling out to me like a clarion call. As an arrogant elitist, the core Apple values ought to be right up my alley. But despite all of Microsoft's evils, Apple's insistence on proprietary (expensive) hardware and shackling DRM bothers me more. They've already lowered the number of times you can burn "your" music purchased from iTunes onto CD. And what's up with the iPhone's exclusivity with AT&T? I get lousy AT&T reception in my home, and I had a nightmare dealing with them before (when they were Cingular, they claimed that I had made thousands of dollars worth of calls from Beruit and dinged my credit after assuring me the issue was resolved).

Corporations have always sought to limit our options to their offerings, but I've never before felt this shepherded as a consumer. I'd just like products that work as promised, please.

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