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Zero Punctuation War

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-07-28 06:22:16

Dee Yun and David Vargas to Ben Croshaw aka Yahtzee re: Your Stupid Poopy Face

My internet is completely on the fritz, with wonky connectivity. For whatever reason, the ONLY site I can access is my own. Weird. This is especially frustrating at the moment, because this strip requires a goodly bit of context. Unfortunately, I'm exhausted, so assuming that my internet connection is satisfactory later, I'll have to rewrite this entry as soon as I wake up.

I'd intended to embed the relevant videos, but in a nutshell, Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame recently did a review excoriating gamer webcomics, followed up by a review of Age of Conan in which two of his saucy minions were named "Dee" and "Dave".

[Edit: Here are those Zero Punctuation vids. The first one about formulaic gamer webcomics hit uncomfortably close to the mark. I know he was crucifying Ctrl+Alt-Del in particular, but too many of his scathing critiques apply to our beloved Dire-comic. However, my ego remains undaunted as I continue to adhere to the belief that Direman Press is a gleaming oasis of truth and wit in the barren wasteland of dreck that is the internet. Did I mention that Yahtzee is a stupid poopy face?]

I just want to make it clear that both Dave and I are big fans of Zero Punctuation, and I personally am rather in awe of Yahtzee, as he has managed to become a professional smartass. We found this coincidental oddity of our names pasted on his impish bitches amusing, and wanted to serve volley in a completely imaginary flame war.

In the extremely unlikely event that he's actually aware of our tiny fiefdom of the internet and reading this, we retract our praise and proclaim Yahtzee to be a bloody wanker full of rubbish and, er, vegemite. And we hate the music you like.

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