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Technicolor Diablo III

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-08-01 06:12:10

Technicolor Diablo III

Hardcore fanboys are up in arms over Diablo III's color palette, which features instances of cheery brightness. 52,000 people signed that petition I just linked. Caldeum looks like a place that might make for a pleasant vacation.

On the one hand, I see why they're incensed. It is, after all, a Gothic-themed despair-driven battle to keep Hell at bay. There's also a ton of World of Warcraft backlash - a fear that Diablo's bleak art design will be infected with a cartoony Blizzard house style. World of Warcraft, aside from the sheer scope of the persistent online world, is a direct 3-D extension of Diablo mechanics to begin with, and Blizzard would do well to push these two massive franchises in distinct directions.

On the other hand, I completely empathize with the game's developers. Pleading that "color is your friend", they make the case that the contrasting colors are necessary to produce varied and interesting environments, as opposed to an oppressively uniform and monotonous experience. Even more importantly, they claim that with the modern and complex graphics, the wider color palette is necessary for proper identification of game mechanics.

Blizzard is one the very finest developers, and I trust in their ability to gestate Diablo III into yet another landmark game. Nevertheless, it is odd to see a rainbow and skeletons together:

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