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Promised a Post

It's just one of those days with too much on my plate. In lieu of words inspired by my madness, here's a video inspired by a Frenchman's madness:

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-01-08 05:29:19

Diplomacy - Fall 1904

Play the home version by following these forum threads!

This was a fairly monumental turn, with several nations' fates swinging wildly:

England captured the French port of Brest, and the French opted not to take Edinburgh (more on this below). In short, England finally has a third unit again, and with it, true options extending beyond the hope of mere survival. They opted for an army (Scottish bagpipe regiment!), which is expected to retake Liverpool in two turns, and then participate in an offensive along with the fourth unit that that would provide.

Appropriately perhaps, France packed it in. One turn ago, the cheese eating surrender monkeys were leading the game at seven supply centers, but went to pieces with the fall of Paris. They could have held strong at six supply centers for the foreseeable future and negotiated for assistance from any combination of England, Germany, and Italy...or even Turkey, for that matter. Instead, they elected NOT to take Edinburgh to make up for the loss of Brest, and freely gave up Marseilles to the Italians. They actually attempted to surrender Spain as well, but the navigator for the French fleet in Spain couldn't differentiate between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. So France dropped to four centers, thus losing three military units and any meaningful hope of winning the game. They lost all three French centers, meaning that they cannot build any new units even if they seize more turf.

Italy got a gift. France had the personnel to lock up the fight over Marseilles indefinitely. Now, for the first time in the game, Italy is a significant power, and it's all but certain that they have designs on Spain and Portugal. It'll be interesting to see if they push onward against England and/or Germany, or turn back yet again toward the east. With Turkey in position to nip at their heels, Italy has to tread carefully.

Austria took Warsaw with the promise of delivering Moscow to the Turks, but instead protected it from Ottoman occupation. It was only a matter of time before Turkey turned on Austria, and it appears that Austria has chosen this moment to take their preemptive stand. This most likely was their best opportunity to curtail Turkish expansion. With the opening of hostilities, Austria can do little or nothing to prevent Turkey from seizing Greece and Serbia. Austria's been in a tough spot all game, surrounded by hostile foes, and somehow, even with the Ottoman war machine breathing down their necks, this is the healthiest they've been.

Turkey is in the same exact position as several turns ago. They're in a prime corner position (few threatening borders) with a healthy amount of units ready for the offensive. They sit poised to take a number of supply centers away from Austria and Italy. However, by waiting for the Austrians to deliver Moscow (which is still free), Turkey's patient gamble did not capitalize on the potential of the last couple of turns.

Russia is irrevocably and completely fucked. Only Moscow remains, and likely, not for long.

As Germany, I managed to accomplish all of the short term goals I envisioned when I took over for Paul. Germany now has Scandinavia and St. Petersburg, and a means to completely lock down that eastern flank. For the moment, Austria has its hands full with Turkey, so that border is a non-conflict for once. France has fallen. Germany currently leads a significant nine supply centers.

...and thus is a big target. England and Italy are both on the rise. Germany needs to decide where to go next, and to make sure that the necessary diplomatic agreements to achieve those goals are secured.

It's a brand new game, minus Russia (who is done) and France (who could still meddle as kingmaker, but is more likely to be eliminated soon). It'll be interesting to see how it shakes down between the five remaining powers.

The image below is the current state of the map. A larger version is available for viewing by clicking on it.

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