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Midway has been floundering in over $240 million of debt, and their owner recently sold them for a paltry $100,000. The new owner promptly had them file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with the entire proceedings smelling awfully fishy.

Meanwhile, certain Midway employees are being offered a significant salary bonus if the Mortal Kombat franchise were to be sold. Many of these employees, long time staffers of Midway, are reluctant to part with their marquee title that they've spent years toiling over. The way I read it, the end result is a corporate management push to move the property, complicated by a staff that appears to be torpedoing the possibility with unreasonable demands. But if you've got eight figures to throw around, you could make a bid to own Mortal Kombat that probably couldn't be ignored.

Hey Capcom, how are your financials? Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat is an intriguing possibility.

Meanwhile, fuck the profiteering greedmongers! The House of Representatives approved a 90% tax on bonuses to employees (making over $250,000) of firms that received bailout money. For various stated reasons, the President and the Senate are hemming and hawing about this, claiming it may be too punitive by abusing taxation to single out specific people.

Fuck that noise. Any corporation that receives socialist handouts is subject to governmental interference. You shouldn't receive ANY bonuses if your company's performance is so wretched that it requires bailout money. You should only get bonuses if, you know, you did a kick ass job. They should be thankful they would get to keep 10% of it, to spend on frivolities the average American can only dream of.

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Diplomacy II - Spring 1905

The image below is the current state of the map. A larger version is available for viewing by clicking on it. I deemed that a separate image for the retreat phase was unnecessary. The only change is the disbanding of the Germany army in Berlin.

England marched into St. Petersburg and Warsaw unopposed, in addition to seizing Berlin. However, it wasn't a fall turn, in which the possession of these territories change hands, and he may have overextended his positions. Nevertheless, England is the current leading power, and if these gains can be held, he will be close to turning the corner toward ultimate victory.

France has enveloped the Italian peninsula, looking to eliminate them within a couple of years. He also marched his newly formed infantry to striking distance of Munich. The peace with England continues, but one has to wonder if it is solid as it appears, or if it is the quiet before the storm between these two powers.

Italy is facing her Alamo, her Hot Gates, her Helm's Deep. She is locked down in a defensive posture facing elimination. Will anyone help?

Austria made a bold move in abandoning Warsaw in exchange for Moscow. His positions are still shaky, but his passionate long term goal of destroying Russia appear to be at hand. Perhaps he can rectify his questionable decisions upon achieving this strategic goal.

Turkey finally issued its first support order. How is he still alive?

Russia is undone. He will be down to two supply centers next turn, and bottled into the Black Sea area. In looking ahead to the necessities of retarding British growth, he kept extending peaceful overtures to the venomous Austrians who promptly gutted him at the first available opportunity.

Germany isn't playing. :P

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