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Kingdom Hearts II

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2006-01-16 05:06:55

They Should Make An Escape To Witch Mountain Remake With Lindsay Lohan

The original Kingdom Hearts was a strange game. Square masked its rancid flavor with sweet, sweet awesome sauce. Plagued by floaty, imprecise controls and tediously crappy gameplay sequences (Gummi ship travel anyone?), it nevertheless made up for it with a two-pronged confrontation of nostalgic magnificence. I find it surprising that Mickey and his crew hit such a "coolness" nerve with the jaded gaming crowd; it's refreshing to see the 18+ demographic realize that it's okay to like the same stuff you did when you were a kid. Then there's the other half of the cast, resulting in a bizzaro amalgam of colliding universes. Donald and Goofy taking on Sephiroth in a gladiatorial duel was stupendousness incarnate. Just getting to see Aeris again justified the game purchase for me.

I guess Tron is still cool, but we're far separated from my childhood days, when my friends and I would run around emitting laser-like lightcycle noises. (I think I'll grab my boy and do that when he wakes.) There's a huge potential for gameplay though, and I hope Square makes good on it, instead of coding a sequence that feels like punishment to offset the fun parts of the game. I suppose that Final Fantasy VII was their watershed creation, but it'd be great to see characters from their old school SNES catalog as well. How fantastic would it be to see Ariel singing with a certain "spoony bard" or Crono and crew laying a tri-combo smackdown on Gaston?

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