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Chuck Heston Tribute

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-05-04 08:17:15

Get your filthy hands off me, you damn dirty ape!

Today's strip probably won't make much sense to you if you've never seen Chuck Heston's dystopian future social commentary films - about talking monkeys and cannibalism.

I've been immensely enjoying the NBA playoffs thus far. The Boston/Chicago series was astounding. I've been a Lakers fan since 1980, so obviously I'm pulling hard for them to claim another championship.

I recently got into a debate with another Lakers fan approximately 15 years my junior. We were arguing about what players, from all time, we'd draft first. He was flip flopping between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Dude, not to take anything away from the ridiculously talented Kobe, but this kid seems to think basketball came into existence in the mid '90s. Aside from Jordan, here are two players I'd draft ahead of Kobe in a heartbeat.

Larry Bird. I hated this motherfucker SO much as a kid. He'd just break my heart...he'd make me cry. Thank God we had to deal with him only twice a year until the NBA Finals. This guy was so good, he'd invent ways to make the game challenging for himself until he faced top tier opponents. He'd shoot with his left, his off hand. To stave off boredom. IN PLAYOFF GAMES. The guy was a basketball genius. (At about 3 minutes into the following vid, you'll see him grab his own rebound and score. That wasn't a miss he was following; that was a clean pass to HIMSELF off the backboard.)

Earvin "Magic" Johnson. My favorite player ever. It's just silly to have a SIX FOOT NINE point guard, much less one with his amazing skill set. He was such a great orchestrator that he made Kurt Rambis look like a big time finisher. And if we were within three points and had the ball, the game was NEVER over no matter how little time was left on the clock. I'd just feel sorry for the fans of the opposing team that were about to have their hearts broken, after foolishly believing that just maybe they were about to win. Just look at some of these buzzer beaters - it got to the point you just started EXPECTING them as a Lakers fan. You believed.

And just pure nostalgia for my fellow thirty-something and older Lakers fans:

We start round two against Houston tonight. Let's go Lakers!

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