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There are vast conspiracies and cabals puppeteering the fate of the world. How else can you explain the existence of this film starring Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson?

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Diplomacy III - Spring 1901

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England - Vargas never fails to surprise me. His opening moves were highly unorthodox and may prove to be a serious mistake. By not mobilizing his limited units in one direction, he has left himself without a military solution for a guaranteed build. This gambit can mean he has assured himself NWY or BEL through diplomatic means, but that looks unlikely as Russia opened with a northern strategy and Germany is staking a major claim to BEL. Also, in splitting his forces, NTH is wide open. If you consider the sea provinces around England to be their city wall, NTH is the main gate. With no one manning the front door, Germany may even consider bypassing HOL and taking the front door to England.

France - Danny has decided to open somewhat anti-German. The army in BUR will make Germany reconsider his bold claim to the Low Countries. Also, by not blocking PIC, the north coast of France is susceptible to an amphibious landing by the English army. Some clever maneuvering will be required next turn to assure at least one build and territorial security.

Germany - Steve wins this turn's "No Guts, No Glory!" award for his bold opening. His gamble to leave MUN undefended allows him to make a bold case for all of the Low Countries, but the late French move into BUR may water down the gambit. However, with his fleet in HOL, he has conceded SWE to Russia. Germany must be wary as the Russians claim all of Scandinavia. In a possible long shot F HOL may consider taking NTH just because it can!

Italy - Another bold opening here. Bill has taken PIE and signaled hostility to France. Tactically, this is the most difficult attack compared to attacking Austria or Turkey. Italy must quickly build fleets to threaten Iberia or the MAR chokepoint will be held indefinitely. Also, the vacancy of VEN and TRI shows an understanding with Austria.

Austria - Dee opens with a full southern push to claim the Balkans. His peace with Germany and Italy has given him the option to throw his full weight into the region and has the strongest position of the 3 players in the Balkans. The question now is who gets screwed? Austria is currently dictating the action as he has 2 armies in the region while the Russian claim is with a fleet that cannot progress further inland and Turkey's hold on BUL is defensive at best.

Russia - Linda's main force went north and through genius negotiations or excellent luck finds limited opposition in Scandinavia. SWE is assured and she even has a chance to take or at least deny NWY to England. With a possibility of 3 builds, she can reach 7 SCs while most flounder at 4 or 5. However, her claim to RUM and the southern front is very weak and lacks any back up to secure her gains. Also, Russia remains clear of BLA. Very well mannered!

Turkey - Corse did not take BLA as well, how polite! He has decided to get his fleet into the Med soon and stake his claim to a naval strategy. This may indicate that a "Juggernaut" alliance may soon form, but it is too early to say if one side is playing the other. Austria remains a real threat as BUL will be difficult to hold soon. Russian cooperation to check Austrian expansion is imperative if Turkey wishes to be the Master of the Med.

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