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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-05-22 04:24:33

No Post Today

My dad...well, almost died yesterday. We were extremely lucky that he decided to go see the doctor when he did. He was immediately sent in for a coronary angioplasty. The procedure apparently couldn't have gone better, because not only is he still with us, the surgeon cleared him to slowly get back to work next week. Modern medicine is astounding. And the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is like a five star hotel! No, a palace! Like...Xanadu...

Anyhow, I was there fairly late, which shoved back everything else I had to do. So, maybe a post next time.

David Kang David Kang: (ktuna717-deleteme[at]-deleteme-yahoo [dot] com) 2009-05-21 13:52:31

Diplomacy III - Spring 1902

The image below is the current state of the map. A larger version is available for viewing by clicking on it. There was no retreat phase.

Play the home version by following these forum threads!

England - Vargas wins this turn's "No Cowards In My Army" Award for his bold and successful amphibious assault on DEN that Patton would be proud of. With this stroke, England now has a chance in the game again. This move shows that he has won Russia to his side when it seemed like war was imminent, a brilliant stroke to turn an enemy to an ally. Also, this move has stopped the German momentum into the north ice cold. The only fly in the ointment is the French fleet now in ENG. There are some defensive options, but the best way to protect LON would be to turn France on Germany that inadvertently invaded (more on that below)!

France - Danny split all four of his units to the winds leaving them unable to support each other. His defensive plan against Italy looks nonexistent as MAR is about to fall. Germany has taken BUR inadvertently (more on that later) and what that does to Franco-German relations remains to be seen. As for MAR, unless the German army in BUR supports it, Italy will make a decisive breakthrough on the southern border, spelling near certain doom for France. On top of that, Danny seems to have reconsidered his understanding with England as now a French fleet has taken ENG.

Germany - Outwitted by his own cleverness, Germany may have started a shooting war with France. Orders clearly show that Germany tried to bounce himself on BUR from BEL while Army MUN supported the French army in defense. In real life, this would be sending in your army to be ambushed by your army defending a foreign army! Also, while Steve was busy perpetrating this masterpiece, DEN was lost to a gutsy amphibious assault from England supported by the Russians. Steve now finds himself potentially in war with all his neighbors. Oh what a terrible web we weave...

Italy - The Italian fleet has mobilized and is moving west to capitalize on the French weakness. With one solid negotiation with Germany, MAR will fall opening the door to the heart of France. Bill has position and momentum to strike a fatal blow west, but a Turkish fleet has rudely entered ION. This may stall his momentum and buy France more time.

Austria - Operation "I'm On A Boat" is paying off massive dividends as Russia has now decided to side with Austria. By not creating an army, Dee has assuaged skittish Russia into cooperation rather than lash out at his most necessary ally after the last betrayal. With Russian support, Austrian position is very strong with multiple ways to bring harm to Turkey.

Turkey - The golden fleets have enveloped Greece and claimed half of the Med. However, BUL is under imminent collapse as Russia has rejoined Austria. Turkey has made excellent moves so far and has his share of Russian cooperation. It will be crucial again to flip Russia to his side. Whoever wins the support of Russia this turn will nearly cripple the other.

Russia - In the south, Russia has once again sided with Austria and turned on Turkey. Whether this alliance lasts is anyone's guess. In the north, Russia has declared war on Germany by supporting an English beach head in DEN. She will need to continue support of England as she clearly has made an enemy with Germany. However, these moves have cost Russia dearly; she has no further room to grow. Hemmed in by England in the north and Austria in the south, her only expansion option is to attack Germany head on with a land war. Recalling the bipolar nature of Russia in general, Linda has taken a bipolar political position as to make allies with Austria while warring with Germany. In the current political alignment of Anchluss (Austro-Germanic cooperation), this is an untenable position. Her split loyalty has made her passive, displayed by her series of support moves for others' spearhead attacks.

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