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David Kang David Kang: (ktuna717-deleteme[at]-deleteme-yahoo [dot] com) 2009-05-23 17:04:16

Diplomacy III - Fall 1902 (updated with builds)

England - Vargas held onto his continental foothold and also persuaded France to join his side. After a poor start, England has found their groove and now leads a coalition against the Germans. Now that survival has been secured, his immediate enemy isolated, Vargas must push the Huns off the European coasts before France collapses to Italian and German incursions. The tide has definitely turned.

France - The bad news: A German column has split the homeland and threatens to conquer it piecemeal. MAR has been completely isolated and is all but doomed. The good news: A brief retreat by the Italian navy has given the Iberian supply centers a breather. The situation in the north is less bleak as Paris is under siege but can be supported in several ways. A hope: Bog down the Germans as long as possible while the English crack the Low Countries, the Russians march into the Prussian frontier, and hope Italy remains cautious.

Germany - A broad alliance has formed in the aftermath of 4 turns of chaos. Germany is now on the wrong end of a 3 nation shotgun barrel. The situation in the West is not all lost as German armies have penetrated deep into French territory and threaten many supply centers. However, the real problem now is the slowly, but surely approaching mass of Russian forces. While several turns away from full engagement, plans must be initiated now to defend against the threat. Crippling France quickly will greatly aid in the defense of the Fatherland, but the real questions is will the Austrians come to their cousin's aid and continue the Anchluss or is Germany truly out of allies?

Italy - Feeling the imminent threat to his home supply centers, an Italian fleet retreated from the French front. While this move was prudent, it has robbed Italy of significant momentum (2 turns worth) and the conquest of Iberia will take a full year longer than before. On the bright side, MAR is surely to fall into Italian hands this turn. Looking into the future, Italy must quickly prosecute the war with France as Austria has made a significant breakthrough in the Eastern theater.

Austria - The Hapsburgs managed to keep Russia on their side for two consecutive turns and have won a decisive battle against the Turks. While the loss of GRE seems like a setback, it was a wise strategic tradeoff for BUL and naval position. The Turks cannot hope to hold GRE and with Russia in enfilade position in BLA, Fortress Turkey will soon be cracked. To their north, an interesting dilemma is developing: Germany is about to be invaded by Russia. The Austrians need Germany to guard their rear, but Russia has now proved most valuable in their Turkish campaign. Would Dee allow Linda to take the lion's share of Germany and possibly threaten his home centers? Someone is going to get stabbed soon.

Turkey - For starters, Mike forgot to send in a build order. He actually maintained parity in supply centers so the loss of Army BUL could have been replenished and made Fortress Turkey difficult to conquer. However, his northern flank is now totally exposed and GRE is to fall imminently. For all intents and purposes, Turkey's ambition of victory is quashed. However, Mike is the Master of Meddling and will make someone's life miserable. Whoever harnesses the hilarity of rogue Turkish elements may gain a privateer force to check their neighbor (and ally's) growth.

Russia - The Great Bear has grown burly while letting the others do the heavy lifting. Linda finally stuck with one ally and regained RUM while positioning herself to her share of the Turkish carcass. While the gains in supply centers are significant, one must remember that they are spread over a wide area and cannot be concentrated. Barring some serious stabbiness, Russia's only expansion path remains in a frontal assault in Germany. Linda does outnumber Germany on their eastern front and must push quickly before Germany reinforces his defenses with the power of French supply centers. As mentioned above, Linda has created a dilemma for Austria. Will Austria allow Russia to gorge herself on Germany and become an unstoppable force?

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