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Wii Vitality Sensor

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-06-05 04:01:46

Nintendo @ E3

So what future greatness did Nintendo reveal at E3 2009? Lots of sequels. We'll be seeing iterations of Super Mario Bros. (likely full retail bucks for a retro rehash; at least I'll likely be able to enjoy playing it with my family), Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy (more of that greatness is OK by me), Metroid (made by the husk of Team Ninja minus Itagaki and minions), Sin and Punishment (I'm actually kind of jazzed for this), Red Steel (because the first one was so great :P), and Endless Ocean (did anyone demand a sequel?).

Yay. Terrific. So what's actually new and exciting? A biorhythm finger reader called the Wii Vitality Sensor. *headdesk*

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David Kang David Kang: (ktuna717-deleteme[at]-deleteme-yahoo [dot] com) 2009-06-03 18:07:42

Diplomacy III - Spring 1904 (updated with retreats)

England - The Royal Navy has fully deployed and has enveloped the Russian positions. Additionally, it appears that England dodged a stab attempt by Russia in DEN with Germany. Relations between the two unlikely powers have shown surprising resilience. Now comes a guessing game of how Russia will defend her domains. Overall, the tactical situation favors England, but a couple of unlucky turns may be enough time for Germany to lose patience.

France - Once thought idle, France actually executed a retreat order to POR, much to the displeasure of England. Looks like Danny is somewhat still in the game and will hassle whoever he wants to hassle.

Germany - The Kaiser executed a "Student Body Right" as his forces shifted east to press Russia. As noted, it appears Germany did not execute an attack on DEN as Russia expected and also got Russia to retreat further as part of the stab agreement. It is now clear that Germany will press his advantage and not relinquish the initiative until their objectives are met. Trust with England remains high and a well coordinated attack can systematically crumble the Russian defenses. But seriously, does anyone expect Wood and Vargas to coexist for long?

Italy - Bill fled his homeland for the west, as the Austrians executed a massive two pronged invasion to exploit the VEN breach. Though terribly cowardly, options were limited and Italy looks to be a privateer force for the highest bidder of comedic value.

Austria - Dee capitalized on his Italian neighbor's weakness and is now poised to take the whole peninsula in the fall. The swift and brutal conquest will give the rest of Europe pause as a once viable power falls to ashes within one year. Also, the Turkish campaign is wrapping up nicely with meager resistance and high Russian cooperation. With ample fleets and momentum westward, Austria now seeks to claim dominance over the whole of the Mediterranean.

Turkey - No activity and may be finished in the fall.

Russia - The retreat continues, if that was even considered possible. Russia has purposefully removed herself of all expansion routes, initiative, and ambition. Honestly, I'm at a loss to how this strategy works so I'm going to stop analyzing it. As one anonymous observer put it, "It's like a self-stab." Linda made an attempt to get Germany to stab England for DEN, but was counterstabbed as Germany marched onto the borders of WAR with the opportunity. On a bright note, Russia has so many units in a small area, defensive options remain aplenty. However, all defenses eventually crack and wars are not won hunkered in trenches. She better hope her last ally Austria doesn't turn on her for easy pickings.

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