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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-06-26 12:19:21

Stuff I enjoyed this week

The "Big Surf Island" expansion for Burnout Paradise is crazy slick. It's now the best designed area for the game, packed with amazing stunt potential with "wicked" jumps, "sick" half-pipes, and "tight" routes. It is, in its totality, completely "rad".

I'd pretty much gotten over Fallout 3. After putting in over a hundred hours of game time and paying thirty additional dollars for the three expansion packs, I'd had enough. The previous DLC pack wrapped up the experience nicely for me. When the new "Lookout Point" DLC hit this week, I yawned. I didn't feel like putting my total Fallout 3 expenditures over the $100 mark. Then positive word of mouth started filtering back to me. Reluctantly, I purchased it. I haven't made sufficient progress to review it yet, but thus far it's Rank A material.

I finally purchased a copy of Ghostbusters due to the desire of my Squishy compatriots' desire to hit the multiplayer. It's got some problems, but it's amusingly charming, particularly if you're a fan of the film. Again, I have a long way to go before reviewing it, but it feels like solid Rank B fare. Having rented the PS3 version as well, I can say that it looks slightly better on the 360. The Wii version is a different animal altogether, and that review may lag behind until I can play through a rental copy. It's way more cartoonish, with The Real Ghostbusters appeal. The idea of using the motion controller to handle the proton pack also intrigues me, although the lack of online multiplayer made my purchase decision easy.

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David Kang David Kang: (ktuna717-deleteme[at]-deleteme-yahoo [dot] com) 2009-06-24 19:06:16

Diplomacy III - Spring 1907 (updated with disband)

England - Vargas took DEN in his continuing campaign to punish Germany. Meanwhile, he ended up letting the Russian fleet slip through his blockade. This is a terrible turn of events as the NTH lays bare, threatening the home island. All of his fleets now must participate in home defense or Russia may soon convoy an army across.

France - RIP

Germany - The situation remains critical. The Kaiser's only hope is if Russia turns on Austria. Otherwise, game over man!

Italy - Speed bump.

Austria - A new attack corridor has opened in MAR. Austria has now three avenues of attack and many units waiting to flow through. As before, victory is just around the corner (literally) by turning Gibraltar. From there, Austrian fleets will hit open water and the undefended supply centers of France and England.

Russia - Linda executed her slickest turn by temporarily exchanging DEN for fleet position and momentum. Now, options are available as the NTH remains undefended and the English fleet divided. If Linda really wants, DEN is easily taken; England left F HOL sitting around. However, the Czarina lags well behind the Big Red Machine.

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